Adeneo Embedded and Precision Technology Inc. collaboration continues growth with more design wins on TI platforms

Seattle, Oct 18, 2013 - Adeneo Embedded a TI Elite Design Partner has established its capabilities by consistently developing high quality Board Support Packages for TI's OMAP and Sitara platforms. Partnership with Texas Instruments on the OMAP and Sitara platforms and collaboration with PTI Inc. has put together a strong eco-system allowing us to provide complete solutions to customer using TI platforms.

PTI Inc. develops reference boards and development kits based on the TI OMAP and Sitara processors. Along with their high-quality cost-efficient kits they provide h/w design services that allows customers to quickly create their products based on the reference kits from PTI Inc. Some of the services offered by PTI include schematic capture, PCB layout, PCB fabrication and assembly, test and verification, documentation, mechanical design/assembly, cable design/assembly, and packaging for new or existing products; the complete box build. PTI is an ISO 9001:2008 + AS9100C Design and manufacturing company.

Adeneo Embedded develops and maintains Board Support Packages for TI’s OMAP and Sitara reference platforms. They also provide Board Support Package solutions for the development kits from PTI Inc. Adeneo’s expertise in operating systems such as Windows Embedded Compact 7/2013, Linux, Andriod and QNX combined with the BSPs on PTI h/w is perfect solution for customers who are keen on time-to-market. Adeneo Embedded provides software services such as BSP customization, driver development, optimizations for graphics h/w acceleration & power management, Application development support and complete testing packages.

“Combining the complimentary capabilities of Adeneo’s s/w expertise and PTI’s h/w expertise we are able to provide customers the best in market support for customers to develop their products. The growing number of successfully completed customer projects and having customers coming back to us has proven that we are able to jointly deliver and create design wins with TI solutions” said Vijay Raisinghani, Adeneo Embedded COO.

About Adeneo Embedded

Adeneo Embedded provides system integration, design, support and training services to companies seeking world-class expertise in embedded solutions using high-performance architectures. For over 10 years, Adeneo Embedded has helped clients, in all stages of development; create profitable, feature-rich products that incorporate software and hardware solutions based on Windows Embedded, Windows Phone and Windows 8 operating systems. Close working partnerships with industry-leading silicon and software vendors allow Adeneo Embedded to apply its experience to a wide range of embedded solutions for the automotive, industrial, medical, multi-media, navigation, networking, mobile and wireless markets. Adeneo Embedded has a global sales and support network backed by engineering offices in North America and Europe.

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