AdvancedIO(r) Systems Announces expressXG Framework for Rapid High-Bandwidth Application Development

Abstraction of Ethernet protocols and interfaces simplifies application implementation

Vancouver, Canada, May 6, 2009 — AdvancedIO® Systems, the leader in high-bandwidth connectivity solutions optimized for decision-critical applications, today announced the availability of expressXG™, an FPGA framework that accelerates customers’ ability to tackle challenging system communication problems. The framework gives customers the tools to embed their own applications directly into AdvancedIO’s 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) interfaces. The applications quickly benefit from the line-rate performance capability of FPGAs by leveraging AdvancedIO’s expertise implementing Ethernet communications for demanding real-time systems.

“We see increasing demand for 10GbE interfaces that can address unique customer connectivity problems,” noted Rob Kraft, VP Marketing at AdvancedIO Systems. “expressXG is ideal for designers who need to deploy their own algorithms quickly and provides us the scalability to service growing customer demand.”

expressXG is a framework of FPGA firmware and host software that abstracts the details of Ethernet protocols and interfaces such as 10GbE controllers, memory controllers, and host fabric interfaces, thereby reducing the development effort and schedule for designers to implement custom algorithms. The removal of hardware dependencies also enables future code portability. Customers recognizing the unique abilities of AdvancedIO’s 10GbE products to meet line-rate processing requirements requested the opportunity to tightly couple their proprietary or classified algorithms into the data flow as a means of overcoming previously unsolvable system challenges. expressXG provides a “sandbox region” where they can include their own applications, building on top of a solid foundation of AdvancedIO’s 10GbE implementation experience and patent-pending technology.

expressXG is now available and shipping. For more information, please contact: 1.604.331.1600 x208 or

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AdvancedIO Systems is the leader in high bandwidth connectivity solutions optimized for decision-critical applications. When the integrity of complex telecommunications infrastructure is on the line or a soldier’s safety depends on it, monitoring, detection and action are only as successful as a system’s ability to react in real time. That’s why top organizations trust AdvancedIO to optimize their systems and provide them competitive advantage. With a flexible, customer-focused approach and an unparalleled team of systems experts, AdvancedIO is the only choice for programmable, high performance connectivity solutions. For more information, please visit


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