Advantage Mobile Application Development Opens up New Markets with Addition of Keoki Trask

Electronic Product Development firm expands software capabilities headed by Trask.

Advantage Mobile Application Development
Advantage Mobile Application Development
Keoki Trask
Keoki Trask

Advantage Electronic Product Development announced today that it has headed-up the expansion of its mobile development lab by bringing on Keoki Trask. Trask comes with over 10 years of Research & Development experience from industries inside and outside of the mobile market space. Trask’s hands-on experience with custom manufacturing process automation and QA assurance solutions to consumer-oriented QR Code and SaaS Mobile Content Management Systems gives Advantage an expanded and intuitive connection with its end users.

The company is excited over the addition of Trask and looks forward to working with him in the development of additional advanced inter-connectivity between custom hardware accessories (“app-ccessories”) and the mobile software that interacts with them. The increased efficiency and innovation that Trask and his team will contribute to the firm’s expanded mobile development services is expected to be invaluable.

As the leader of Advantage Mobile Application Development, Trask has at his disposal full access to the Advantage lab and team of hardware developers as well as his team of mobile application developers.

Mr. Trask, who is considered a technology innovation visionary by his peers, said that his first deployment into technology in 1996 was as a post-production audio mastering engineer and producer with the intent of improving the quality of multimedia products and UX (User Experience) for the mass consumer market in smartphone accessories.

Trask explained that his entry into mobile applications came about when he was enlisted to lead a multi-platform development team and to help design forward-thinking apps for municipal and educational use. “I am continuously impressed with the caliber of clients we have represented over the past 20 years and it is a pleasure to further infuse the full-spectrum capabilities of mobile devices into the fold of our custom hardware and embedded software services,” said Trask.

Trask further stated “My goal is to push the boundaries of mobile hardware and to prove that there is still so much we can do with existing technologies. I encourage our in-house development team to ‘setup camp outside of the box’. I take significant joy in presenting to the client and my peers what was formally deemed the ‘impossible’ and going one step further by handing over the working model in velvet packaging ahead of schedule, under budget and with a smile.”

The Advantage Mobile Application Development expansion is fully operational and Trask has already begun his process of contributing to the company’s mobile application service capabilities and product lines.

About Advantage:

The Colorado-based company has offered development of mobile applications in both Apple/Android compatible accessories and peripherals for several years. Not a game developer, the firm offers a full complement of electrical engineering services for interactive peripheral development. The firm has added more bandwidth with the addition of a dedicated mobile application division.