Agile Software Development Specialist Ulrika Park Lands at SmartBear

ScrumMaster Leader Well Known for Focus on End Users, Business/IT Communications and Team Collaboration in Software Product Development

Beverly, Mass. – Oct. 3, 2012 – ScrumMaster Ulrika Park has joined software quality leader SmartBear Software to facilitate the agile software development project method, ensuring a strong emphasis on incorporating customer feedback into the company’s software quality tools as well as a strong focus on business and IT communications and collaboration. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Ulrika is well known in the industry for executing the agile process and successfully focusing development teams to create and sustain great products, services and systems that customers want.

“My vision is to be as close to our customers as possible, build strong collaboration efforts between business management and IT and foster a strong development team so we deliver the best, most usable tools on the market,” said Ulrika Park. “SmartBear’s success is based on technical excellence both internally and working with its customer base worldwide, and I look forward to working as a team to churn out great software tools.”

The agile development method has been at the core of Ulrika’s successful software development career. She was previously a systems consultant at Frontit and served as Agile Requirement Specialist for Coop Sverige Marknad. She was also ScrumMaster for KTH Learning Lab, Sweden’s largest and most renowned institute for higher education in engineering. For more than eight years, she was owner and consultant for Parkware, managing web production projects. She was a systems developer for Xlander AB and PC Express. She is well known for managing large development teams and customer representatives, resulting in software products that customers need and easily use. She has conducted numerous training courses, workshops and seminars on agile methods.

“Ulrika has leveraged agile principles to assist numerous businesses and IT departments in building the right software systems, get them into production in a timely manner and into the hands of customers,” said Ole Lensmar, Chief Architect, SmartBear. “In addition to her rare talent in keeping development teams on task, her close connection and relationships with end users will ensure our business development efforts reflect the true needs of customers around the world.”

Follow Ulrika on Twitter @ulrikapark and her blog.

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