Airbus selects CS and PragmaDev for the development of its Air Trafic Control software.

PragmaDev announces Airbus has selected CS as its prime sub-contractor for its expertise in the safety critical domain, and PragmaDev modeling tool suite based on international standards, for the specification and design of the Air Trafic Control (ATC) software embedded in its aircrafts.

Legacy SDL models could be imported in PragmaDev tool suite to work on future versions of the ATC. PragmaDev has made the necessary adaptations to perfectly fit in Airbus technical environment including connection to external software modules and graphical user interfaces simulating the Air Trafic Control environment.

"We were assigned by Airbus to look for a technical solution that would support legacy SDL models and integrate in the existing software workbench that includes a certified code generator. Among the main criteria, it was important to establish a last long partnership to secure the investment. After two years of evaluation PragmaDev solution appeared to be the best one on the technical aspect as well as on the financial aspect. We are very satisfied we have set up this constructive partnership with an innovative company" says Eric Saves, contract manager at CS.

"RTDS -Real Time Developer Studio- is today the most advanced SDL tool on the market. The possibility to import existing models allows to secure legacy code and to benefit from a state of the art tool as well as to open up to the latest modeling technology such as UML and SDL-RT. We are very proud to participate in the development of the next generation of European aircrafts" says Emmanuel Gaudin, PragmaDev CEO.