Alpha Technologies eliminates the need for remote batteries in indoor DAS applications

Announcing new products that use copper cables to extend power to the IDAS remotes

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- Alpha Technologies Ltd., the power behind the evolution of communications networks, today announced the launch of two new products that will virtually eliminate the need for batteries at the edge of Indoor DAS networks. The new products will be displayed at the 2014 DAS and Small Cells Congress taking place at the ARIA Resort on June 16-18, 2014 in Las Vegas.

"The cost and ongoing maintenance of deploying remote power systems and battery backup at all the remote DAS nodes is a big issue for IDAS providers and integrators," said Grant Clark, Vice President of Product Management and Development. "After pioneering the 48Vdc line power concept in 2012, we quickly learned the product needed to reach a much greater distance. And we also realized that power consumption by the DAS remotes was increasing, creating a need for a new product to take multiple NEC Class 2 inputs and supply a single output. With these new product launches, we have achieved easy-to-plan solutions that can eliminate remote batteries for virtually all IDAS applications."

The eLimiter+™ builds on the current limiting circuitry Alpha pioneered with the eLimiter Class 2 power system by adding on-board DC-DC converters and intelligent remote control. Unlike other line power products, the eLimiter+ includes active current limiting circuitry and 48:57 volt DC-DC conversion on each circuit. The modular system provides four (4) independent channels per plug-in module. A single 19-inch, 2RU shelf supports up to nine (9) modules, or 36 circuits, and includes an intelligent controller for remote access, control and monitoring.

Alpha's IDAS Aggregator™ solves the problem of how to line power larger IDAS remote access units. The Aggregator combines multiple NEC Class 2 circuits into a single device that produces a single, large power output. When used in conjunction with Alpha's eLimiter or eLimiter+ products, the Aggregator provides electrical isolation between the incoming Class 2 cables, ensuring compliance with NEC and CSA/UL requirements. The Aggregator can power IDAS remotes that consume as much as 800W of power.

In addition to the new product launches, Alpha will be displaying two new custom configurations – the Mid-Span IDAS Power System, targeted at extremely large venues, and the Enterprise IDAS Power System, aimed at enterprise customers who provide their own IDAS networks. The Mid-Span IPS consists of Alpha's eLimiter+ along with standard rectifier plants, distribution, and AlphaCell™ batteries. By placing the Mid-Span IPS between the Head End and the edge of the DAS network, the service provider can reach all the remotes within the expanse of the largest facility. The Enterprise IPS is a compact solution for enterprise owners, combining Alpha's original eLimiter™ Line Power system with standard Cordex™ High Performance rectifier plants and AlphaCell™ batteries to reach DAS remote nodes up to 750 feet from the Head End.

Visit Alpha at Booth # 200 where we will be exhibiting our innovative new DAS and Line Powering Solutions, as well as examples of customizable products are designed to solve unique application challenges.

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