ams evaluation kits enable prototyping of portable air quality monitoring systems

ams AG has introduced two new evaluation kits that combine either the CCS801 analog volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor or the CCS811 digital VOC sensor with the ENS210 relative humidity and temperature sensor IC for indoor air quality (IAQ) monitoring on portable devices such as smartphones, wearables, thermostats, IP cameras, and other home and building automation devices. The kits consist of a sensor board with an I2C digital interface, a USB-to-I2C converter board, and a USB cable. The board is supported by a free graphical user interface (GUI) for a Windows-based PCs.

The CCS811 evaluation kit includes an embedded microcontroller that runs ams algorithms to convert raw sensor readings into equivalent total VOC (ppb) and equivalent CO(ppm) measurements. The measurements of relative humidity and temperature taken by the ENS210 allow the system to adjust the digital output of the CCS811 by compensating for changes in the ambient environment.

“The CCS8x1 and ENS210 offer a solution for IAQ monitoring which is small and compatible with battery-powered systems,” said Paul Wilson, senior marketing manager at ams. “These new evaluation kits from ams make it easy for designers to model the system’s operation and to verify that it produces consistent, reliable IAQ information in the application’s intended operating environment.”

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