Atmel buys wireless chipmaker Newport Media, bolsters IoT portfolio

Bluetooth and 802.11n capabilities to supplement Atmel Wi-Fi and ZigBee offerings

San Jose, CA. In a conference call Monday, Atmel announced that it has acquired wireless chipmaker Newport Media for its 802.11n and Bluetooth capabilities to strengthen the company’s SmartConnect wireless solutions group. The $140 million deal will bring better connectivity to Atmel microcontroller (MCU) and memory chips for the smart home and automotive markets in an effort to bolster the company’s Internet of Things (IoT) portfolio.

"Atmel already has a strong position in IoT today," Steve Laub, President and CEO of Atmel Corporation said during the call. "With [Newport Media], Atmel's [portfolio] will be complete."

The deal, which is expected to close in Q3 2014, will supplement Wi-Fi and Zigbee support already present in Atmel’s ARM-based SmartConnect wireless product line, which includes modules such as the 32-bit SAM W23 modules released earlier this year.

A nine-year-old company, Newport Media saw $43 million in revenues in 2013, Laub said.