Automated UI Development Suite released by HARMAN

HARMAN has announced its Automated User Interface (UI) Development Suite for the automotive, enabling automakers to create connected, multi-screen in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. HARMAN has created an application and UI framework based on the Qt cross-platform application framework, which includes a flexible architecture that allows automakers to develop human machine interfaces (HMIs) that provide a unified UI across digital displays in the vehicle.

The Automated UI Development suite includes a toolchain that enables simulation of target devices and test-case validation. User interfaces are based on open standards and developers can reuse HMI business logic across different vehicle models and brands. The suite also provides support for different distributed system architectures such as multiple system on chips (SoCs) and single SoCs with a hypervisor.

“Automakers are looking for solutions that can improve the speed and efficiency for end-to-end HMI design – and that includes advancing the quality of connectivity and comfort that consumers expect in their vehicles,” said Sanjay Dhawan, President of HARMAN Connected Services. “To help automakers build, manage, and innovate HMI in their vehicles, we created an automated UI development suite that consists of a powerful multi-screen HMI framework and an equally powerful toolchain.”

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