Avnet Celebrates 40-Year Collaboration with Grayhill in the Americas

Avnet and Grayhill celebrated this milestone with an award exchange earlier this month.

In the annals of the electronics industry history, 1975 will always be remembered as the year Paul Allen and Bill Gates changed the course of computing history with the founding of their startup software business. But, for Avnet, Inc. (NYSE: AVT), a leading global technology distributor, and Grayhill Inc., 1975 also marks the signing of a distribution agreement that, in the ensuing decades, would grow into the powerful design and supply chain solutions collaboration it is today. Avnet and Grayhill celebrated this milestone with an award exchange earlier this month.

Grayhill, Inc. designs and manufacturers intuitive human interface solutions including optical encoders, rotary switches, keypads, joysticks and pushbuttons. As demand for more interactive user-device experience grows, Grayhill has expanded its line to include state-of-the-art multi-touch surfaces and display overlays and finely tuned haptic capability. Grayhill’s recently introduced Series T4 projected capacitive touch panel combines a high resolution touch sensor optically bonded to protective cover glass with an advanced multi-touch controller.

“I think the mark of a truly successful relationship is the ability to grow individually and together over time,” said Ed Smith, president, Avnet Electronics Marketing Americas. “Both Avnet and Grayhill are very different companies today than we were 40 years ago when we first began working together, yet through all the changes, we continue to find ways to leverage our collective strengths to fulfill growing customer demand for industry leading human interface solutions that push the technological envelope.”

“Avnet has been an invaluable contributor to Grayhill’s growth over the past 40 years; helping us to reach our customers around the world. Avnet's superior supply chain solutions ensure that our customers receive the right components when and where they are needed,” said Jeff Sherry, distribution sales manager, Grayhill. “With Avnet's support, Grayhill is looking forward to another 40 years of progress and innovation.”

For more information on Grayhill products available through Avnet, visit bit.ly/1MKnlzM.