Blue Chip Technology Launches Long Life Compact SBC for Demanding Industrial and Multi-Media Applications

Blue Chip Technology has announced the launch of the NV1, a high performance, long life, compact single board computer, designed for demanding industrial and multi-media applications.

Based on AMD’s Athlon and Dual Core Turion Neo processors, the NV1 offers a high performance embedded platform with powerful graphics capabilities, Gigabit LAN, a COM port, 4 USB ports, support for up to 8GB of the latest DDR3 memory plus Solid State and SATA drive support.

”The NV1 is a very capable fanless single board computer that can be used in either rugged industrial projects or demanding multi-media applications, “ said Barry Husbands, Managing Director of Blue Chip Technology. “Indeed, a complex real-time control system requiring a high quality HMI or video capability would be an ideal project for the NV1.”

Combined with the critically acclaimed Radeon GPU, the AMD chipset can handle any current high-definition video codec, making the NV1 a true multimedia solution for high definition video playback or user interface.

Furthermore, a groundbreaking aspect of the NV1 design is an expansion that includes two mini PCI-E sockets (one with SIM for GPRS/3G use), MXM graphics expansion socket and an optional on-board KVMA transmitter. The base NV1 has dual video outputs and a total of four video outputs when the MXM module is fitted, making it an ideal platform for the digital signage and gaming market.

Blue Chip Technology is one of Europe's leading designers and manufacturers of industrial and embedded computers. The company designs and manufactures computer boards for a broad range of industrial sectors such as automotive, public transportation, medical, defence and energy. Blue Chip Technology provides mission critical computer systems to engineering and media projects around the world.

“An important aspect of the design of the NV1 was to build a powerful embedded platform that would support projects with a long life cycle,” said Barry Husbands. “Many of our customers are in sectors such as transport, medical and the military, where they need to know that they will be able to source identical hardware for many years to come. In this respect our engineers have been very careful in their component selection and the overall design of the NV1.”

Although the NV1 is available off-the-shelf in its standard form, Blue Chip Technology also offers a customisation service, enabling it to provide hardware specific to the needs of its customers. Blue Chip Technology also offers extensive software support and a complete product manufacturing and testing service. The company has recently tripled its manufacturing capacity with investment in new surface mount production technology.

About Blue Chip Technology Ltd

Blue Chip Technology Ltd is a European leader in the design and manufacture of industrial and embedded computer systems. Blue Chip Technology serves a wide range of industries, from mission critical systems to the global railway industry to diagnostic test equipment for the automotive sector. It provides a range of standard products such as COM (ETX, XTX and COM Express) and rack mounted PC's but also manufactures high volumes of customer specific hardware. In addition to its technical capabilities, Blue Chip Technology has gained a reputation for being a trustworthy and co-operative supplier, working closely with its clients during development, and reliably delivering components and products to schedule.