Build Trusted ePlatform with ARBOR Industrial Automation Solution

Complete Industrial Automation Solution

ARBOR features a complete lineup of rugged and versatile industrial automation controllers, including standard designs for general content and customized products for unique system requirement. Our IPPC are designed for tough industrial applications on the factory floor where the requirements might include control capability, multi-tasking, local storage, database and open communication protocal.

I. Modularized Design, Highly Flexiable

The modularized design enables unique hardware integration to better meet particular needs. Cusomers can decide which module to work inside the system such as the modular CPU board to facilitate possible upgrade in the future, or which kind of expansion bus and storage device to be fabricated into the system.

II. Flush Resistive Touch Panel

• Seamless flush panel

• Supporting Resistive Touch

• NEMA4/IP65 Compliant

• Ideal for industrial environment

III. Internal USB Port

• Designed for licence dongle

• Highly stable, avoiding shock/vibration

• Location adjustable with bumper