Cerberus MPC1 Indiegogo Crowd Funding Campaign Kickoff

Fanless Quad Core Mini-PC for home entertainment, small business and embedded.

Cerberuis MPC1 - front view
Cerberuis MPC1 - front view
Cerberus MPC1 -  back view
Cerberus MPC1 - back view

Announcing Cerberus MPC1 Multi-Media PC. Silent, Fanless Mini-PC based on AMD G-Series Quad Core SoC with 802.11AC and Bluetooth 4.0, expandable memory and storage up to 8GB DDR3, 2TB 2.5" HDD and 480GB M2 SSD. Cerberus is designed, developed and supported here in the USA, manufactured on our in-house IPC610 Class 3 Certified production line.

Cerberus MPC1 merges the performance, functionality and flexibility of a standard PC, with that of a Media Streaming Box and Media Server into a very quiet, very ECO-friendly device. This knockout combination is housed in a very small, rugged enclosure made from Aeronautics Grade 6063-T5 Machined Aluminum. Cerberus delivers on all the tasks you need from a Modern Multimedia Center PC:

* High Performance, Low Power Quad Core 2Ghz x86

* 4GB DDR3-1600 Memory

* Desktop Class 3D GPU for a solid mid-range PC gaming experience and CAD/CAE

* High-Speed Network Access via 802.11AC Gigabit Wifi (backward compatible with 802.11b/g/ along with Gigabit Wired Ethernet

* High Definition Video via Dual HDMI with 7.1 Surround Sound Audio Streaming

* Expandable Storage via 2.5" Hard Drive and Solid State M2-Sata Socket

* Peripheral Expansion via Dual USB2 and Dual USB3.0

* Wireless Expansion via Bluetooth 4.0 for Remote Control and Audio Streaming

* Supported OS's include Linux/Ubuntu, Windows 8.1, Chrome OS and Windows 7

* Boot from the 2.5" Hard Drive or from the Ultra-Fast SSD

* Windows Media Center and XBMC are fully Supported

* Fanless, low power ( <15W operating, <1W standby ), very Eco-friendly.

* Paperback book size enclosure is 153mm x 110mm x 38mm (6" x 4.33" x 1.5")