Concurrent NightStar LX Tools for Red Hat Linux Available for the First Time as Standalone Software

Four Powerful Tools for Debugging and Analyzing Linux Applications

DULUTH, GA – November 2, 2005 – Concurrent (NASDAQ:CCUR), a leading provider of technology solutions for mission-critical applications, today announced the launch of its field-proven NightStar LX software development tools for the Red Hat Enterprise Linux environment. NightStar LX is an integrated set of debugging tools especially valuable for developing complex, time-critical Linux applications.

Unlike other debuggers, NightStar LX lets you run your program at application speed, so you experience your app’s real behavior. NightStar LX also allows you to graphically display application execution and understand how it interacts with itself and with the Linux operating system. The NightStar LX suite includes the NightView™ source-level debugger, the NightTrace™ event analyzer, the NightProbe™ data monitor and the NightTune™ system and application tuner.

Time-critical applications require debugging tools that can handle the complexities of multiple processors, multitask interaction and multithreading. NightStar LX’s advanced features enable system builders to solve difficult problems quickly. The tools are non-intrusive, thus they have minimal impact on an application. NightStar LX graphics-based tools reduce test time, increase productivity and lower development costs. The NightStar tools are especially useful for application development on new Intel® and AMD™ Dual-Core processor based systems because of its broad capabilities to debug in multiprocessing environments.

“Our NightStar tools have long been popular with customers developing time-critical applications on Concurrent Linux and UNIX-based platforms,” said Gary Beerman, Director of Concurrent Marketing. “Now Red Hat Enterprise users can enjoy the same powerful development environment.” He added, “NightStar LX offers many features not available in the GNU debugger and commercial Linux toolsets.”

NightStar LX is currently available on any Intel P4, Intel Xeon® or AMD Opteron™ system running Red Hat Linux Enterprise 4. Supported languages include C, C++ and Fortran compiled with either GNU or Intel compilers.

NightView allows users to simultaneously debug multiple processes and threads. With NightView, a programmer can change program execution and modify or display data without stopping or interrupting the program. Eventpoint conditions, such as hit and ignore counts, are patched directly into an application and can execute at full application speed. NightView provides fine-grained control without adversely affecting application timing. NightView includes an interactive memory debugger that helps find and eliminate memory problems during the debug process without code recompilation.

NightTrace is a tool for displaying and analyzing the dynamic run-time behavior of applications, the Linux operating system and the interaction between them. NightTrace can log events from multiple processes executing simultaneously on multiple CPUs. NightTrace can also combine user-defined application events with kernel events to present a synchronized view of the entire system. NightTrace then creates a graphical time-based view of all logged events. NightTrace allows users to zoom, search, filter, summarize and analyze events. Tracing analysis can be performed live or post execution.

NightProbe is a tool for independently monitoring, modifying and recording data values from multiple application resources, including programs, shared memory segments and memory mapped files. NightProbe can be used in a development environment for debugging, analysis, prototyping and fault injection, or in a production environment to create a GUI control panel for program input and output.

NightTune provides a graphical interface to system facilities for monitoring and tuning application and system performance. Users can monitor the priority, scheduling policy, CPU assignment and CPU usage of user applications. NightTune also monitors system CPU usage, context switches, interrupts, memory paging and network activity.

The NightStar LX suite is priced at $2,975 for a single node-locked license. Floating licenses are also available with Corporate discounts offered for volume purchases. A limited time introductory offer of $250 savings per license is available through January 31, 2006. A free 30-day trial of the comprehensive tool suite and on-line ordering is available at

“Linux application developers can save time and money using NightStar LX tools.” said Steve Brosky, Concurrent’s Chief Scientist. “Time-to-market can be greatly reduced due to the tools' robust features and easy-to-use, intuitive interface.”

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