Data Translation Announces "Network-Ready" Ethernet version of the TEMPpoint Temperature Measurement Instrument

LXI Class C support

MARLBORO, MA  Data Translation announces the Ethernet (LXI) version of their ultra-accurate temperature measurement instrument TEMPpoint. This network-ready version of the popular instrument provides a standard Ethernet connection to support remote monitoring and control of thermocouples, RTD's, and voltages in the field and on the factory floor. TEMPpoint has received full Class C compliance and certification for LXI. Compatibility to other LXI devices is now assured for large system configurations. TEMPpoint offers 48 separate channels with 24-bit resolution, each with it's own A/D converter and CJC circuit. 1000V channel-to-channel isolation protects signal integrity and rejects common mode noise.

"Our objective is to offer the most accurate temperature measurement instrument anywhere, while allowing its seamless application use in any Ethernet environment," states Fred Molinari, President of Data Translation. "Whether measuring locally or remotely, temperature channels can be expanded by simply adding more TEMPpoint instruments to the network."

Key Design Features of TEMPpoint Offering Unmatched Accuracy

• 48 dedicated 24-bit A/D converters for ultimate resolution

• 48 dedicated CJC circuits guarantee ultra-high (+/-0.01%) accuracy.

• 1000V Channel-to-Channel galvanic isolation for superior signal protection

• Anytime auto-calibration guarantees accuracy

• Automatic linearization of B, E, J, K, N, R, S, and T standard thermocouples

• Expand to hundreds of channels by adding instruments to the network

Additional Features of TEMPpoint include:

• Constant throughput across all channels at rates up to 10Hz per channel

• Thermocouple Easy Connect for fast setup

• Direct RTD connection…4-wire to eliminate errors

• 8 opto-isolated digital input lines for monitoring

• 8 opto-isolated digital output lines for driving relays

Software Support for TEMPpoint

TEMPpoint ships with a ready to measure web-based application. Using our web-based TEMPpoint application, you can configure, measure, and control the DT8871 and DT8872 instruments either locally or remotely. Web pages are provided for configuring all aspects of your TEMPpoint instrument: Local Area Network (LAN), input channels to measure, scan parameters, alarm limits, and digital I/O lines. Additional information on other USB and LXI software supporting TEMPpoint including IVI-COM drivers, .NET class libraries, and SDKs is available at

Pricing and Availability

TEMPpoint is available in four separate versions:

DT8871 priced from $7495

DT8872 priced from $8495

DT9871 priced from $6995

DT9872 priced from $7995

TEMPpoint USB versions are available now. Ethernet (LXI) versions will be available in June.

About Data Translation

Data Translation Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes highly accurate data acquisition hardware and software products for PC-based measurement systems including easy-to-use USB modules.