Dialog’s BLE SoC delivers high performance, low power

LONDON. Dialog Semiconductor PLC announced the launch of SmartBond DA14681, an integrated system-on-chip (SoC) that provides connectivity for rechargeable devices including wearables, smart home, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Dialog’s ARM Cortex-M0-based DA14681 runs at up to 96 MHz and consumes less than one µA when in standby mode. It supports the Bluetooth 4.2 standard, and an integrated power management unit (PMU) provides three independent power rails to supply external system components, in addition to an on-chip charger and fuel gauge that allow the DA14681 to recharge batteries over a USB interface. The SoC can manage multi-sensor arrays as it enables always-on sensing, and is capable of powering a complete IoT system without the need for additional external power management circuitry.

The DA14681 adds to the functionalities of its predecessor, the DA14680, by allowing software application developers to expand the size of their code execution space through a flexible external memory interface. It can execute code from an external flash or one-time programmable (OTP) memory, with expandable execution space for applications. The SoC also features a dedicated hardware crypto engine to keep personal data safe and enable end-to-end application encryption.

Find more information about the DA14681 at http://www.dialog-semiconductor.com/smartbondtm-da14681.