Disposable wireless bandages merge medical and IoT

Telehealth system uses wireless communication and five-day battery life to remotely alert caretakers of patient vitals.

London, UK. Sensium Healthcare has released a line of bandages that can monitor patient vitals for up to five days. The disposable SensiumVitals patches resemble Band-Aids and monitor heart rate, respiration, and body temperature, wirelessly transmitting the readings to nurse’s stations or portable electronic devices every two minutes to reduce hospital staff workloads.

The half-ounce SensiumVitals patches are applied to patients’ chests and are programmed with pre-set thresholds that will alert caretakers of significant changes in vital signs. Part of a HIPAA-compliant system, the patches use the 800 MHz – 900 MHz range to communicate with wall-mounted bridge units, which connect to hospital servers via (802.11b/g) or . The current architecture can scale to support nearly 10,000 patients.

The SensiumVital System Architecture

“The key advantage of the system is the frequency of the data sent automatically from the patch – it keeps nurses up to date with all their patients so they can manage their workload more effectively,” says Lynette Awdry of Montefiore Hospital where fifty patients have been wearing the patches since May. “As a result, they can spend time with patients who might need more immediate attention, safe in the knowledge that if there is a sudden change with another patient they can respond immediately.”

The SensiumVitals system was successfully tested at Santa Monica, CA’s Saint John’s Center last year, and are currently on trial at the Hurley Medical Center in Flint, MI. The systems have received FDA 510(k) clearance and CE marking.

For more information on SensiumVitals, visit sensium-healthcare.com.

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