DiSTI Releases GL Studio Version 5.0: Delivering a Modernized User Interface Experience

An All New User Interface Reengineered for Maximum Customization

The DiSTI Corporation, a worldwide leading provider of graphical user interface development software, announces the fully reengineered release of GL Studio 5, the industry leading high fidelity user interface development toolkit. GL Studio is DiSTI’s flagship software product that delivers fully interactive, high-performance, 3-D user interfaces for aerospace, automotive, medical, and training industries. This latest version is available now for immediate download.

DiSTI’s GL Studio 5 offers designers an intuitive, modernized user development experience with an easy to use interface. GL Studio’s new Designer layout is now fully customizable affording the user ultimate control over every aspect of the windowing layout. Developers now have the option to work in either single or multiscreen modes offering maximum adaptability to operate in their unique development environments.

While the Designer has been completely reengineered, GL Studio 5 preserves the efficient and flexible development workflow GL Studio is known for. GL Studio supports 3-D user interface objects, offers object-oriented content reuse throughout the development process, and supports a broad range of deployment options such as tablet and mobile devices, desktop-based applications, and embedded displays.

The portability and speed of the deployed user interfaces comes from GL Studio’s highly efficient, compact, and operating system independent runtime libraries. Designed to maximize the use of the display system’s graphics processing unit, GL Studio user interface content achieves the best rendering performance in the market while minimizing impact on the system’s CPU.

Industry pioneers such as Jaguar Land Rover, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, NASA, Airbus Defence, Faria Beede Instruments, Nissan, and Northrop Grumman utilize GL Studio to help deliver high quality embedded displays, desktop training displays, and safety-critical device displays. To learn more about GL Studio visit www.disti.com/gl-studio-5.

“The best user interface development software just got better,” said Joe Swinski, President and CEO of DiSTI. “GL Studio 5 provides the ultimate user interface development experience for designers to build advanced user interfaces for their applications. Our users will love the flexibility and customization capabilities they will find in this latest release.”