dSPACE MicroAutoBox II: More CAN, More Analog, More Applications

Compact prototyping system with more CAN channels and more analog inputs and outputs Prepared for CAN partial networking

dSPACE MicroAutoBox II: More CAN interfaces and more inputs and outputs.
dSPACE MicroAutoBox II: More CAN interfaces and more inputs and outputs.

dSPACE’s compact prototyping system MicroAutoBox II is now even more able to provide the higher number of CAN channels required by engineers to prototype advanced controls systems for electric/hybrid drives. Additionally, increased analog input and output channels (I/O) address the requirements for advanced emission control applications for combustion engines. The new DS1513 I/O board for MicroAutoBox II increases the number of CAN channels to 6, and analog I/O to 32 ADCs and 8 DACs. These I/O interfaces can be easily configured via a user-intuitive dSPACE Real-Time Interface (RTI) blockset in the Simulink® environment. The CAN messages and communication strategy can be programmed using the RTI CAN or RTI CAN MultiMessage Blockset.

The DS1513 hardware is designed to meet future requirements for partial CAN networking. This feature will enable engineers to prototype energy optimization strategies by allowing selective switching of CAN nodes. The software functionality to benefit from this hardware capability will be included in a future dSPACE release. The DS1513 I/O board can be combined with a freely programmable FPGA to help prototype software functionality requiring very high-speed computation. Connection to the optional Embedded PC enables further functionalities to integrate various new sensors required for developing advanced driver assistance systems controllers.

MicroAutoBox II with this new integrated DS1513 I/O board will become available in early 2014.