dSPACE SystemDesk Sets the Stage for AUTOSAR R3.2

Presenting and moving AUTOSAR R3.2 and bringing it to life • Seamless presentation of AUTOSAR R3.2 • Amazingly easy handling • Simulation of virtual ECUs

Wixom, MI, Feb. 16, 2012: The latest version of dSPACE SystemDesk supports the current AUTOSAR Release 3.2. Together with dSPACE TargetLink and dSPACE Offline Simulator, dSPACE provides a seamless tool-chain for model-ing ECU software, generating run-time environment (RTE) and production code, and creating, simulating and testing virtual ECUs.

Seamless Presentation of AUTOSAR R3.2

Whether for expanded AUTOSAR-compliant modeling or for noticeably quicker generation of an RTE – support of AUTOSAR Release 3.2 is integrated seam-lessly into SystemDesk. The improved container management for exchanging software components brings SystemDesk and TargetLink even closer together, providing a thorough roundtrip workflow for system architects and function de-velopers.

Amazingly Easy Handling

With a smarter reimport mechanism supporting different data exchange and up-date scenarios, SystemDesk simplifies information exchange between vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. New usability features, such as the import and export of diagrams, and identification of non-referenced AUTOSAR ele-ments, make it easier to work on complex projects.

Simulation of Virtual ECUs

To test virtual ECUs in closed-loop scenarios, the virtual ECUs can now be con-nected to Simulink-based plant models in a separate editor. Additionally, test code coverage can be checked during offline simulation.

A new SystemDesk license model that simplifies the setup of the dSPACE tool chain for generating and simulating virtual ECUs is now available.