dSPACE and Vector Informatik Optimize Interoperability of AUTOSAR Tools

Efficient Work with TargetLink and DaVinci Developer

Wixom, Michigan, January 11, 2010: dSPACE and Vector Informatik have announced that they will jointly work on optimizing the interoperability of their AUTOSAR tools, TargetLink and DaVinci Developer. Developers of electronic control unit (ECU) software will soon benefit from seamless interaction between the production code generator TargetLink and the AUTOSAR design tool DaVinci Developer. A well-coordinated AUTOSAR tool chain greatly simplifies the model-based development of AUTOSAR-compliant software.

Developers use Vector’s DaVinci Developer to design the AUTOSAR architecture of an ECU. dSPACE’s TargetLink is used to "breathe life" into the application components of the software architecture produced with DaVinci. The components are modeled in Simulink®/TargetLink and then quickly turned into AUTOSAR-compliant production code by TargetLink. Finally, the production code is integrated into an ECU on the basis of the MICROSAR RTE (Runtime Environment) by using Vector's AUTOSAR Basic Software.

DaVinci Developer and TargetLink interact by exchanging AUTOSAR XML files in accordance with AUTOSAR methods. This procedure is used for the initial design and also for subsequent development iterations. Either a top-down or a bottom-up approach can be used.

dSPACE and Vector are turning the AUTOSAR concepts of tool interoperability and standardized interfaces into a reality. This will enable developers to take full advantage of AUTOSAR.

About dSPACE

dSPACE develops and distributes tools for the development of electronic control units (ECUs) and mechatronic systems worldwide. Using dSPACE systems, manufacturers of controllers and ECUs are able to dramatically reduce their development times and costs, and systematically increase their productivity.

dSPACE has over 800 employees worldwide at its headquarters in Paderborn, at the Project Centers in Munich and Stuttgart, and also in the USA, France, the UK, Japan and China. In addition, numerous distributors provide customer support in other countries.

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About Vector Informatik

Vector Informatik is the leading manufacturer of software tools and components for the networking of electronic systems based on CAN, LIN, FlexRay, MOST and numerous CAN-based protocols.

Know-how is transferred in the form of products and also as comprehensive consultancy in system and software engineering. The wide range of services includes workshops and seminars.

Throughout the world, customers from the automotive, commercial vehicle, transportation and control engineering fields rely on solutions and products from the independent Vector Group.

Vector Informatik was founded in 1988, and together with Vector Consulting Services GmbH currently has 885 employees, achieving sales of 131 million euro in 2008. Vector's headquarters are in Stuttgart, and there are also branches in the USA, Japan, France, the UK, Sweden, South Korea, and India.

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