Dual-Mainboard Network Appliance for High-End Security and Acceleration Apps

Lanner "Twin Turbo" FW-9100 Network Application Platform combines x86 convenience with advanced Cavium security acceleration

(Taipei, Taiwan – January 7, 2009) Lanner Electronics, Inc., a leading designer and ODM manufacturer of hardware platforms for advanced network applications, today announced the release of a dual mainboard platform for enterprise-class security and network acceleration applications.

The Lanner "Twin Turbo" FW-9100 features an innovative modular design that allows for easy replacement of many components without removing the system from the rack. A 2U rackmount appliance, the FW-9100 supports core network applications like gateway security, load balancing and WAN acceleration (its main target application). And because of its central role in corporate networks, high availability features such as redundant power supplies, fail-over network ports and field-replaceable mainboards ensure uninterrupted network operation.

"Recognizing the growing need for WAN acceleration solutions, Lanner developed the FW-9100 in cooperation with one of the leading WAN optimization solution providers. Its unique dual mainboard design provides an unparalleled combination of performance and utility, and its modular construction allows for quick and easy replacement of many parts – including the motherboard trays – without removing the appliance from the rack," said Albert Pang, vice president of R&D.

The "Twin Turbo" FW-9100 consists of a performance-optimized x86 mainboard with support for Intel Core 2 Quad CPUs that handles core network applications, and a dedicated Cavium Octeon MIPS64 multi-core processor mainboard for offloading processor-intensive encryption/decryption and deep packet inspection tasks.

The FW-9100 is equipped to handle extremely high throughput required by enterprise-class networks, and provides two front-facing network modules that can be replaced in-rack. This allows for greater flexibility by providing a range of LAN port options that can be easily swapped out to suit the specific network environment. Each of the two modules provides up to 12 LAN ports in a variety of configurations including gigabit copper, SFP fiber and copper or fiber bypass ports.

"The combination of x86 architecture and Cavium Octeon security acceleration allows our solution partners to develop applications more quickly, achieve faster time to market and stay ahead of the competition in the rapidly growing network acceleration market," he said.

The Lanner Twin Turbo FW-9100 is available for sample orders immediately. For more information or to discuss how Lanner can help you launch your next revolutionary network application, contact a Lanner sales representative at sales@lannerinc.com, or visit us on the web at www.lannerinc.com.


About Lanner

Founded in 1986 and publicly listed (TAIEX 6245) since 2003, Lanner Electronics, Inc. is an ISO 9001 certified designer and manufacturer of network application platforms, network video platforms and applied computing hardware for first-tier companies. Lanner's expertise also extends to include driver and firmware support, enabling customers to optimize hardware and software communication to achieve faster time to market. With headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan and branches in the U.S. and China, Lanner is uniquely positioned to deliver custom technical solutions with localized, value-added service. Lanner is an Associate Member of the Intel® Embedded and Communications Alliance, a group of companies committed to developing modular, standards-based solutions based on technologies, processors, products, and services from Intel®.