e-con Systems Announces Ångström Distribution for its Development Boards

Ångström is the future for the world of machines and highly portable and reconfigurable core, built using the OpenEmbedded build system.

St. Louis, USA/Chennai, India – September 8th 2010 - e-con Systems Inc., an embedded Product Development partner, based in St. Louis, MO and Chennai, India announced its support for Ångström distribution on its Development Boards.

Ångström is the future for the world of machines and highly portable and reconfigurable core, built using the OpenEmbedded build system. It is intended to run on all devices with a 2.6.x kernel OpenEmbedded supports, with special attention to embedded devices (PDAs, handhelds, phones, routers, etc.). Ångström is a modern Linux-based distribution targeted for Embedded Devices, and thus offers all features that are used with a "desktop" distribution.

“Angstrom offers Embedded Developers a configurable Linux Distribution built on top of Open-Embedded platform. Having the Angstrom on our Development Boards, e-con provides a starting point for our customers interested in developing fully packaged Embedded Products. This also enables our customers to leverage the numerous open-source applications that are packaged with Angstrom distribution”, said Ashok Babu, President, e-con Systems.

Development kits like Regulus – PXA270 Reference design and Alioth – PXA300 Reference design will now come with Ångström distribution support. With a working Angstrom system, engineers can set-up networking via Ethernet, bringing the packages up-to-date, try tweaking the configuration and adding their own applications on top of it.

For more information, please contact sales@e-consystems.com or visit www.e-consystems.com Availability

This Ångström distribution is available starting from September 8th 2010.

About e-con Systems:

e-con Systems, is an embedded product development services company focused on end-end product development. e-con Systems has expertise in mobile application processors including PXA270, PXA300/PXA310, PXA320, OMAP35x, and TI Media DaVinci Processors DM3xx and has been using its product engineering services to help customers on developing products like digital picture frames, point of sale terminals, video surveillance, Low vision aid equipments, handheld single board computers etc. among others.

Besides this, e-con provides systems integration services such as Windows Embedded CE or Linux BSP porting solutions and device driver development. Also e-con’s design services have been used by customers across the globe for hardware design of their products. Visit www.e-consystems.com

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