Embedded Computer now with with QNX support

Intel Core 2 Duo processor for rugged applications and long term projects

PIP20 / PIP22 with QNX
PIP20 / PIP22 with QNX

For the powerful and flexible Embedded PC (PIP20 & PIP22) with Intel Core Duo processor that MPL launched by the end of 2007, there is now also QNX support offered. Triadem Solutions AG the official QNX Distributor & Reseller in Switzerland developed a Board-Support-Package for our PIP20 platform boards. Therefore with immediate effect, a Board-Support-Package for QNX 6.4.1 & 6.5.0 is available. QNX Photon provides a Graphical user interface. The QNX BSP further supports following on-board interfaces: Ethernet, USB, Serial ports, PS/2 ports, as well as IDE and SATA ports for mass storage modules or drives.

On a size of 270 x 160mm a complete computer without any additional wiring is realized. Unrivaled is that the processor and the SDRAM chips are soldered directly on-board, what leads to an increased system security. Thanks to the energy efficient design and the low power consumption (typ. 28W), no active cooling is required to operate the computer. The passive cooling concept of the PIP solution, allows the board to be operated under full load from -40°C up to +75°C.

The unit is well suited for extreme conditions (cold, heat, vibration, shock, low maintenance, ...), and still can be operated like a normal PC with standard Software, and now also with the Real-Time OS QNX.

Unlike any other PC in the market, the PIP Family is extremely flexible. There are several housings (IP51 & IP67) in different colors available. The solution is expandable through its internal expansion buses (PC/104-Plus, PMC, PCI, PCI-Express Minicard), allowing to add any required additional functionality, even for single quantities. Any power supply with an output voltage between 8 - 28VDC (optional up to 48VDC) can be used.

The product is well suited for any application whether it's being used for hospitals, defense, automation, or mobile applications. The solution can be assembled according to the customer requirements and needs. OEM and depopulated versions are offered as well.

The quality design and manufacturing of the PIP20 and PIP22 is 100% done at MPL AG in Switzerland. A product that is practical and multifunctional, like a Swiss army knife!

For more information about the fanless Core Duo and the PIP Concept, please contact us via fax, email, or consult our homepage www.mpl.ch.