embedded world 2016: New Records, New Special Presentation

• For the first time: safety&security Area • M2M and electronic displays Areas fully booked • New companies: innovative and visionary • STUDENT DAY: more than 1,000 uni-level students expected

There is probably no industry in the world as innovative and as dynamic as the embedded systems community. Together with its leading trade show, embedded world, it represents the foundation for all technological progress. That’s also reflected at the special areas, the M2M Area and the electronic displays Area, as well as the communal booth for innovative young companies. NEW this year: the safety&security Area, which places one of today’s most urgent themes at the very centre of the show’s events. Like its exhibitors and visitors, the trade show has its finger on the pulse of the age, and has already made itself the home base for the Internet of Things. The event will be growing in both space and number of exhibitors again in 2016 – a further impressive demonstration of the event’s international importance.

The prospects for the embedded world Exhibition&Conference are excellent. The world’s leading event for embedded systems technologies and the Internet of Things is well on the way to breaking its own records yet again. The special presentation areas for M2M, electronic displays and innovative new companies are already booked up, and will be joined by a new, forward-looking set of themes: the safety&security Area in Hall 4A will be making its debut this year.

“The embedded world Exhibition&Conference is developing very well once again in this, its 14th year. Exhibit space today has already outrun the final figure from 2015. We currently have registrations from companies from 38 countries around the world. In 2016, embedded world will be bigger and

more international than ever. Special presentations have made an important contribution to that success for years. This year, for the first time, we’ll be reflecting the subject of safety and security for embedded systems with a dedicated area in Hall 4A”, says Benedikt Weyerer, Director Exhibition for embedded world at NürnbergMesse.

The special areas – the M2M Area and electronic displays Area, and now also the new safety&security Area – play an important role within the embedded world Exhibition&Conference. They focus on three important topics for the industry, and establish the link to the international conferences, bridging the gaps between scientific expertise, practical innovation and pioneering products and services at the exhibition halls.

Safety & Security to have its own dedicated area in Hall 4A

For the first time, in 2016 embedded world will provide a special area on security for embedded systems. The focus will be on all aspects of security for hardware and software (Safety) and protection from outside attack and piracy (Security). “The area is already very well booked for its debut. We’re very glad of that, it shows what a high priority people set on Safety & Security today. The new special area will be an outstanding setting where exhibitors who offer Safety & Security products and services for the embedded systems community can position themselves in the industry and in this exciting market, in a compact location right in the midst of the show”, says Weyerer. Safety & Security are also an essential component of embedded world Conference 2016 – as is already evident from the conference’s keynote speech from security expert Eugene Kaspersky. He will show how aspects of IT security are becoming more and more important as the IT and embedded worlds merge, including in the Internet of Things.

If your company is interested, you can find out all about the new special presentation area, including how you can still register for it, at www.embedded-world.de/en/safety-security-area

M2M Area again has record turnout

Like the entire exhibition, the M2M Area continues to grow. Its central and vital areas of focus are machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and the Internet of Things (IoT), in connection with embedded systems technologies. Once again this year, interest and demand for booth space at the M2M Area have run high. With about 60 firms exhibiting, this special area is already fully booked for the upcoming show. “Even though we expanded the space, this year we’re booked up again. That shows how important the topic is. M2M is one of the core issues for the future, especially in conjunction with the Internet of Things”, Weyerer says.

Companies will present their new products for all aspects of wireless and wired M2M applications at the familiar location in Hall 5. The portfolio includes remote maintenance, tracking and tracing, e-payment, e-mobility, facility management, and M2M for machine and plant construction.

But M2M communication plays an important role not just in the exhibition halls, but also at the embedded world Conference being held in parallel with the trade show. All three days of the conference will offer sessions on connectivity, wireless technologies and the Internet of Things, with important information and suggestions for effective communication among IoT participants.

You can find out more about the programme for the 2016 embedded world Conference, together with a registration form, online at www.embedded-world.eu.

Latest display technologies in a compact, central presentation

The electronic displays Area is another factor for success at the show, and has expanded once again since last time. In Hall 1, nearly 60 exhibitors will be presenting the latest trends in LCDs, OLEDs, PDPs, LEDs and ePaper. The product range is filled out with flexible displays, human-machine interfaces, graphical user interfaces, touchscreens and 3D displays. Here again, the topics are reflected in the associated conference: the electronic displays Conference will look at the full range of displays from the viewpoint of research and technology.

You can find out more about the programme at the 2016 electronic displays Conference, together with a registration form, online at: www.electronic-displays.de

The next generation jointly shows off their innovative ability

At the communal booth sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, 15 “innovative new German companies” will be presenting their top products and innovations. Solutions for hardware, new ideas for software programming, and forward-looking services will be exhibited here by creative, innovative members of the upcoming generation.

The annual highlight for students

STUDENT DAY is a regular magnet for success. Once again, the event expects more than 1,000 students from embedded systems-related courses of study at university-level schools in Nuremberg. In addition to no-charge bus transfers, admission to the show and a keynote address, the students also have a chance to get to know the embedded systems industry and make contact with potential employers. The highlight will be an exclusive address by Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. F. J. Radermacher, professor of Databases and Artificial Intelligence and head of the Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing/n (FAW/n) at the University of Ulm.

You can find out more about the STUDENT DAY and the 2016 programme online at: www.embedded-world.de/studentday

No-charge admission to embedded world 2016

Once again at embedded world 2016, savvy visitors will take advantage of the opportunity to register in advance online for their visit. Use the voucher code ew16PR now to reserve a no-charge admission ticket to embedded world 2016. Just redeem your code at www.embedded-world.de/voucher. Shortly after you register, you’ll receive an electronic ticket that will give you fast, direct access to embedded world.

You can find out everything that’s worth knowing about embedded world 2016 – including hall maps, detailed conference programmes, the current list of exhibitors and products, and tips for getting here – online at: www.embedded-world.de