embedded world 2017: Harting sensor actuator boxes speed installation

With its new passive distributor boxes, Harting now offers an extensive range of compact IO boxes for multiple applications. These boxes simplify field installation, while at the same time cutting cabling costs and installation times for sensor wiring.

Applications that will benefit include automation, robotics, and process systems. Sensors can be quickly and easily connected to passive distributor boxes using standard M8 and M12 slots. With a choice of 4, 8, or 10 slots, the sensor cables no longer have to be drawn from the sensor into the control cabinet as before, but only to the local, application-led distributor box. The rest is taken care of by a master line to the control cabinet.

This can be connected either by an M23, M16, or M12D connector. Using plug-in connectors and combining the previous individual wiring cuts costs by saving time and minimising outage times for defective sensors, which can easily be replaced during servicing. IP protection rating 67/68 enables the sturdy sensor actuator boxes to withstand even harsh operational environments and guarantees users reliable and secure signal routing. High-end sensor actuator solutions for customer field cabling.