embedded world 2017: Rohde & Schwarz oscilloscopes on hand for low-voltage and multi-domain applications

MUNICH, Germany. At in , Germany, Rohde & Schwarz will be displaying its 6 GHz multi-domain R&S RTO2000 lab oscilloscope suitable for communications interface debugging and measurement in a range of Internet of Things () applications. In addition, the company will showcase the RT-ZPR20 and RT-ZP1X integrity probes designed for use with the RTO2000 and RTE oscilloscopes; The RT-ZPR20 is a 2 GHz low-noise power rail probe with an offset range of ±60 V, while the RT-ZP1X passive 1:1 probe enables measurements in the millivolt range.

For applications, Rohde & Schwarz has also updated its Scope Rider portable oscilloscope with an integrated spectrum analyzer, harmonic analyzer, and frequency counter, as well as an optional / trigger and decoder. Now supporting eight measurement instruments, Scope Rider can be used to perform low-voltage measurements on systems up to 600 V with CAT IV testing requirements.

More information on power integrity measurement and other test tools can be found at Rohde & Schwarz’ booth, hall 4, 128.