embedded world 2017: Tanto3 FPGA platform for rapid prototyping

Hitex has created , a universal generic platform which can be used for rapid prototyping. The platform can be modified to the user’s needs by simple programming and is suited for test applications, signal and bus analysis, debugging and programming as well as FPGA development.

The platform is equipped with high-speed communication interfaces (USB3.0, Gigabit Ethernet) and a 3,5-in. TFT color touch screen. The fanless passive cooled system with its Cyclone V SoC control processor, a 1-Gbyte DDR3 RAM, a powerful Stratix V, and 24 Mbytes of SSRAM can be configured and used for sophisticated designs. Applications requiring fast I/O access with complex processing power can be hosted on the FPGA and thus make the design more efficient.

The flexible concept makes all FPGA signals accessible and allows the integration of customized interfaces without great effort. Additionally, test and verification can be accelerated, since the software can be developed before the chip is available.

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