EmbedOne Linux shows the way for new level of OS integration

EmbedOne launched new embedded Linux OS, tools and services, geared towards roll-your-own Linux community. Promise to cut time-to-market from months to weeks in networking applications.

Helsinki, Finland – September 14, 2009 – Meshcom Technologies, Inc. today announced its new brand name – EmbedOne – for its new embedded Linux line of business. At the same time, new publicly available suite of software and services for the embedded Linux community was announced.

EmbedOne EMI is embedded Linux OS management framework. It is a turn-key solution for embedded system developers and applications providers. It features unified management interface of system through JSON-RPC like API and extensive developer tools for own extensions. It can manage system configuration changes, system software updates and applications control. EMI is available under open source and commercial licenses.

EmbedOne Linux is new embedded Linux OS and development environment optimized for networking applications. Naturally, EmbedOne Linux is powered by EMI. In addition, it features new and innovative virtualized cross development environment enabling rapid application development with no need to invest in cross development environment. EmbedOne Linux is designed to cut time-to-market and development costs. It is open source and absolutely free.

In addition, EmbedOne announced availability of professional support and engineering services related to its new product offering.

“Embedded Linux has been coming for many years now and many companies have been mesmerized by its license free nature and the features it can provide – free of charge. However, the major breakthrough in embedded is still yet to come. We have noticed that many communities and organizations are struggling with their embedded Linux projects due to major integration issues resulting to delays in product roll-outs. We have spent past years in developing a solution to correct this major issue and today we are extremely happy being able to announce our solution that will benefit the embedded Linux community as a whole and especially companies who work in it”, says Miska Kaipiainen, CEO and Founder of EmbedOne.

About EmbedOne

EmbedOne is a provider of embedded Linux operating system, components and services for the Linux community and embedded industry. EmbedOne is the commercial sponsor of EmbedOne Linux and the developer of EmbedOne EMI, framework for unified embedded system management. EmbedOne is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland. embedone.com


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