Eurotech Launches Cloud-Based Services for Secure and Reliable Device Data Management

Deploy and Access Eurotech Hardware at the Edge of the Network over the Device Cloud from Isidorey with Greater Speed and Flexibility

COLUMBIA, Md., Sept. 13 -- Eurotech, a leading supplier of embedded technologies, products, and systems, today announces the availability of cloud computing services to manage Eurotech devices and deliver data, regardless of where devices are deployed. The cloud-based offering, coupling the Isidorey device cloud with the Eurotech Everyware Software Framework (ESF), allows organizations to access Eurotech devices as well as cloud computing connectivity services, for fast and simple device deployment through Eurotech, a single, trusted point of contact.

With the Isidorey device cloud and ESF enabled hardware from Eurotech, businesses can concentrate on their application development to meet their market requirements while Eurotech provides the embedded hardware platforms and devices, the intelligent software framework and communications capabilities. By leveraging this cloud-based solution, customers can remain focused on their core competencies, not on building, operating and maintaining a device data infrastructure delaying time-to-market and increasing overall project costs.

Benefits that Eurotech customers achieve with cloud-based device data management service are:

• Scalability – Ability to increase number of supported devices quickly, in volume or incrementally

• Security – Relationships with industry leaders for world-class data security

• On-demand capacity and access – No upfront investment required, with monthly subscription based on number of devices

• Integrated Systems – Interfaces with enterprise applications, like, SAS, Oracle, and Google, to enable decision-making based on real information

• Access to Real-time Data – Dashboard of threshold crossings and trending for real-time data display and action

• Proactive Device Management – Management reports of device health and status for long-term trend analysis

• Reduced Operating Costs – Remote configuration of devices from central operations center to reduce operational expenses

• Seamless integration to Eurotech's ESF for simplicity in adding new devices to the IT environment

"Before cloud-based services, companies had to take on the expense and risk of developing extensive IT networks to manage and access remotely located devices. Those costs add up quickly, from initial capital equipment purchase and installation prices to ongoing maintenance, labor, facility space, and operational expenses, and the process could literally take months, even years," explains Arlen Nipper, CTO of Eurotech in North America. "Eurotech delivers network connectivity, data security, and system reliability through the Isidorey device cloud offering, simplifying the connectivity equation for our customers."

"By combining Eurotech's hardware platforms and software framework with Isidorey's device cloud, we can deliver an integrated cloud-based solution for data management," says Kyle Roche, CEO of Isidorey. "This solution gives customers a new, quick to market option for device data management that they cannot find anywhere else."

The Isidorey device cloud service simplifies access, control and management of devices in an enterprise environment, whether they are deployed in a distributed campus environment, spread across a country on utility poles, or dispersed to locations around the world. The Isidorey device cloud offering is based on proven public cloud services for data storage and connectivity, which Eurotech manages for each customer engagement.

About Eurotech

Eurotech is a listed global company (ETH.MI) that integrates hardware, software, services, and expertise to deliver embedded computing platforms and sub-systems to leading OEMs, system integrators and enterprise customers for successful and efficient deployment of their products and services. Drawing on concepts of minimalist computing, Eurotech lowers power draw, minimizes physical size and reduces coding complexity to bring sensors, embedded platforms, sub-systems, ready-to-use devices and high performance computers to market, specializing in healthcare, security, defense, transportation, industrial and energy segments. By combining domain expertise in wireless connectivity as well as communications protocols, Eurotech architects integrated solutions that simplify data capture, processing and transfer over unified communications networks. Our customers rely on us to simplify their access to state-of-art embedded technologies so they can focus on their core competencies. Learn more about Eurotech at

About Isidorey

Isidorey, an associate company of the Eurotech Group, is a leader in device to cloud applications. The Isidorey device cloud enables instant access to device data through a scalable, reliable, and secure cloud-based platform. With a real 'pay as you go' cloud-based offering, the Isidorey device cloud is the only true cloud platform for M2M applications. Isidorey partners with Amazon Web Services, Google, and the Apache Foundation. Isidorey has offices in Denver and San Francisco. Learn more at