Eurotech Delivers Java-Based Middleware Platform, Eurotech Software Framework

Eurotech Software Framework (ESF) Simplifies Application Development and Decreases Time to Market for Embedded OEM Devices

Columbia, MD and San Francisco, CA, August 5, 2008 – Eurotech Inc., a leading provider of application-ready embedded computer systems, launches the Eurotech Software Framework (ESF) middleware solution, based on service oriented architecture and implemented using IBM Equinox. ESF brings a low cost modular approach to application development by using a mature and scalable Java-based software framework. Specifically, ESF delivers several benefits to embedded markets including:

* Reduced time to market by integrating device drivers in ESF as opposed to creating complex code

* High level of portability across hardware platforms

* Reduced risk with full-featured software already running on proven hardware

* Hardware independent solution allows applications to be developed on any Eurotech hardware platform

* Standardized Open Software, backed by industry leaders and allowing for third party applications to be easily ported across devices

“ESF is truly an innovative approach to embedded development,” says Arlen Nipper, president and CTO of Eurotech Inc. “Eurotech has always understood that time-to-market is critical to our embedded customers, hence our focus on application-readiness. With ESF, OEMs can further reduce development time. Building on the OSGi framework, ESF makes development easy and portable, letting OEMs get to market quickly, before the competition.”

Various Eurotech hardware products, such as ZyWAN, Zeus, Titan, and Apollo, are currently available with ESF.

Eurotech Inc. is a six-time winner of the Independent Hardware Vendor Excellence Award from Microsoft, and a contributor to the Debian Open Source community. Learn more about the ESF middleware solution in Booth 1316 at the LinuxWorld Conference, August 5-7 in San Francisco, CA.

About Eurotech Inc.

Eurotech Inc. is a global leader in the design, development and production of application-ready embedded computer systems. Eurotech Inc. architects systems that help companies bring their products to market quickly through the latest technologies with advanced graphics capabilities, low-power consumption, and robust functionality. Eurotech Inc. specializes in helping customers connect their applications to the latest available wireless, mobile and enabling technologies. Eurotech Inc. is a Maryland-based subsidiary of Eurotech Group, S.p.A. For more information, please visit the Eurotech Inc website at