Feabhas Offers New Python Course For Test Engineers

Python enables the fast creation of test scripts for rigorous system testing

Python Training for Test Engineers
Python Training for Test Engineers

Embedded software systems competency experts, Feabhas, have announced the launch of a new course for the training of test engineers in the use of the Python programming language for system testing.

"We have been training engineers in Python for a couple of years," says Nick Glynn, Python expert at Feabhas. "During this time we have seen many companies gain a lot of commercial and technical benefit from the adoption of Python for testing. Python's simplicity reduces coding time, whilst also enabling more detailed and transparent tests to be developed."

"While Python has not necessarily been an obvious choice for an embedded environment, we have found through our experience that it has real benefits when used in specific areas," said adds Niall Cooling, Managing Director at Feabhas.

"As a result, we have identified two areas in which we believe Python can offer real benefits to embedded systems, firstly as the host-based testing language for test engineers that are using Windows or Linux host systems and interacting with embedded systems. Secondly, as a Rapid Application Prototyping language for embedded Linux based systems."

Feabhas is a recognised leader in the training of software engineers for real-time and embedded systems, and is also an ARM Accreditation Training

Partner (AATP). Feabhas's clients include many of the world's leading technology companies in a wide variety of industries, from telecoms, automotive, defence and aerospace, to consumer devices and instrumentation.

The range of other courses available at Feabhas includes subjects such as C/C++, Embedded Linux, Embedded Windows, UML, Android and Embedded Java.

More information about the new course, Python for Test Engineers can be found at www.feabhas.com/content/python-test-engineers.

Feabhas have recently announced that they will be a key sponsor for the 2014 UK Device Developers’ Conference and will be presenting a half-day workshop on the ARM Cortex-M architecture. www.device-developer-conference.co.uk

About Feabhas

Feabhas is a specialist in real time embedded software development competence, providing assessment, training and consulting. Based in the UK, Feabhas was formed in 1995 and has trained over 10,000 engineers worldwide to date.

The Feabhas mission is to improve the quality of the embedded software development process and thus reduce software development times and costs. As an ARM Approved Training Centre and provider of ARM Accreditation Training, Feabhas is one of only two ARM accredited training partners that offers ARM Accredited Engineer (AAE) programmes in Asia, the Americas and Europe.

Feabhas improves the competence of embedded software developers through on-site team development, Public training for individual engineers, consultancy and mentoring, pre- and post-course assessment, bespoke curriculum creation, developing software standards e.g. DO-178C, ISO 26262, IEC 62304, EN 50128 etc., graduate training program and re-skilling from other disciplines. www.feabhas.com