Flex Logix Announces Program For Fast-track Evaluation And Prototyping

Reconfigurable RTL Enables One Design to Serve Varying Customer Requirements

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA - Flex Logix Technologies, Inc., innovative developer of patented FPGA-in-SoC technology, announced today a program to make it easier for IC and Systems customers to evaluate and prototype with EFLX IP for reconfigurable RTL in their chip designs. An initial IP evaluation license is free, and a fast-track license for an evaluation prototype costs $50,000 (for USA customers).

As SoC designs get more complex and masks cost millions of dollars, IC and Systems companies need to make their design flexible enough to handle broader applications to generate more revenue and improve ROI; and to build in the capability to upgrade critical RTL blocks to handle evolving standards and customer requirements.

This flexibility enables new business models where in-system upgrades offering valuable new capabilities can be offered for a fee; or where one chip can be offered in several versions with different reconfigurable RTL for different applications and priced to the value of each.

“Architects, front-end designers and physical design teams all need to become familiar with this new technology for applications from MCU to IOT to Networking and more. Like with any technology, it is best to learn by doing and starting simple,” explained Flex Logix CEO and co-founder Geoff Tate. “This new program allows customers to fully evaluate EFLX in detail and in silicon at very low cost.”

With a single EFLX core, it is possible to implement valuable functions such as software-reconfigurable IO pin-multiplexers and crossbars, reconfigurable fast control plane logic, reconfigurable multi-stage finite impulse response filters (FIRs) or the ability to change custom hardware accelerators post production. In TSMC28HPM/C fast control logic can run at 525MHz or faster, and pipelined FIRs (finite impulse response filters) can run up to 450 Megasamples/second or faster. In TSMC40ULP/LP, multiple speed/power tradeoffs are supported to address nearly any possible requirement.

Evaluation and prototyping of a single-core EFLX design will give customers the experience and insight to build flexibility into their RTL designs, even if the target application would require a larger EFLX array.

To enable customers to do hands-on evaluation, Flex Logix will make available free under NDA: 1) the encrypted Verilog model, 2) LIB, 3) LEF and 4) detailed datasheet of the EFLX core. EFLX cores available under this program are: TSMC 28HPM/C EFLX-2.5K core, either logic or DSP version; and TSMC 40ULP/LP EFLX-100 core, either logic or DSP version (EFLX-100 availability is in Q2/2016). The EFLX Compiler with full timing files is available under a simple software evaluation license. This information will enable a customer to determine area, performance, architecture and floor planning using EFLX reconfigurable RTL.

For customers wishing to proceed to design and build an evaluation chip, Flex Logix will provide a Fast-Track license for a single-core EFLX array for $50,000 (for US customers; prices for other countries will vary based on incremental costs). The license will include 1) full Verilog model, 2) GDS-II, 3) CDL, 4) integration guidelines, and 5) an EFLX Compiler license with full timing files and bitstream generation. Integration assistance will also be provided.

IC and Systems customers interested in more information should contact Flex Logix’ Sales Representatives in China, Europe, Israel, Taiwan and Texas; or Flex Logix’ Sales VP Andy Jaros at andy@flex-logix.com. Also, Flex Logix will be hosting Seminars and Webinars for customers interested in getting more information before proceeding to an NDA: see www.flex-logix.com under News and Events for seminars/webinars starting soon.

About Flex-Logix Inc.

FLEX LOGIX, founded in March 2014, provides solutions for reconfigurable RTL in chip and system designs using embedded FPGA IP cores and software. The company's technology platform delivers significant customer benefits by dramatically reducing design and manufacturing risks, accelerating technology roadmaps, and bringing greater flexibility to customer’s hardware. Flex-Logix recently secured $7.4 million of venture backed capital. It is headquartered in Mountain View California and has sales rep offices in China, Europe, Israel, Taiwan and Texas. More information can be obtained at www.flex-logix.com.