Full-featured Android Lollipop (5.0.2) BSP Now Available for the Inforce 6540 SBC

Software Update for the Inforce 6540(tm) Single Board Computer (powered by the Qualcomm(r) Snapdragon(tm) 805/APQ8084 processor)

Inforce 6540 SBC
Inforce 6540 SBC

A full-featured Android Board Support Package (BSP) running Lollipop 5.0.2 on the Inforce 6540 SBC is accessible for download from Inforce Computing's TechWeb for enlisted users. This is an important enhancement in programming backing for Qualcomm Snapdragon processor based embedded designs from Inforce Computing.

Software Platform Version

The following software platforms are supported in this release:

 Linux Kernel – Version 3.10.40

 Android Lollipop – Version 5.0.2

The software release package contains pre-fabricated binary files that can be flashed specifically on to the Inforce 6540 SBC. The discharge likewise contains adjustments and customizations from Inforce Computing to ensure that the software meets expectations consistently on the Inforce 6540 stage. If its not too much trouble allude to the Inforce 6540 Android Programming Guide and the Inforce 6540 User Guide for directions to re- flash your SBC with the most recent Android Lollipop OS/BSP.

The full-featured release has support for the following peripheral devices and I/Os:

• Qualcomm Krait™ quad-core CPU running at 2.7GHz

• USB 2.0 and 3.0 based input and mass storage devices

• WiFi/BT 4.1/GPS

• Gigabit Ethernet/SATA

• Micro SD card interface

• HDMI display and digital audio

• MIPI-DSI based displays (Truly and JDI)

• Qualcomm Hexagon™ package update

• 13MP Sony IMX135 camera sensor

• 6-axis Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensor

• Serial UART and Analog audio

A full- feature Android Lollipop release for the Inforce 6501™ Micro SOM will be accessible amid the first week of July, 2015–please stay tuned for further declarations on programming support for other Inforce products.

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