Full Support for Atmel AT91SAM9G20 and AT91SAM9RL

Budapest, Hungary and New York, NY - June 8, 2009 - HCC-Embedded today announced the availability of full support for Atmel's advanced AT91SAM9G20 and AT91SAM9RL processors.

The AT91SAM embedded microcontrollers were designed for low power, high-performance applications. They use an ARM926EJ-S CPU core with a vector floating point co-processor and they sport a large set of standard peripherals including USB On-The-Go. The AT91SAM9G20 operates at a CPU clock frequency up to 400 MHz and the AT91SAM9RL’s clock frequency can be up to 190KHz.

All of HCC’s standard peripheral drivers, including USB host controller, USB device controller, NAND flash controller and Secure Digital Card controller have been ported to the AT91SAM9G20 and AT91SAM9RL.

As a result, HCC's entire firmware product range is available for use with the AT91SAM9G20 and AT91SAM9RL, including HCC’s USB host stack, USB device stack, FAT file system, SAFE-FAT file system, SAFE flash file system and Flash Translation Layer.

Complete working projects can be provided for both the Atmel AT91SAM9G20-EK and AT91SAM9RL-EK development boards. Projects can be provided for most major toolchains.

For further information contact info@hcc-embedded.com or visit www.hcc-embedded.com.

About HCC-Embedded

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