GainSpan and Freescale Collaborate to Provide All-in-One Wi-Fi Module for Tower System

Developers using Freescale 8,16,32-bit processors can easily add Wi-Fi connectivity to their embedded applications

San Jose, CA — June 17, 2010 — GainSpan ® Corporation announced today plans to develop an All-In-One Wi-Fi module for Freescale Semiconductor’s Tower System that will make it quick and easy for developers to add Wi-Fi connectivity to embedded systems. The prototype peripheral module will be on display in GainSpan’s booth at the Freescale Technology Forum, June 21-24 in Orlando, Florida.

The Freescale development board features a fully certified Wi-Fi module from Gainspan, the GS1011M. Adding to other peripheral modules in the Tower System, the Wi-Fi board adds 802.11b Wi-Fi functionality to the Tower System and is ideal for developers who want to wirelessly connect their devices to the Internet as a part of the growing “Internet of Things.” It is also well suited for battery-operated devices that require years of battery life. Requiring no knowledge of Wi-Fi protocols or RF propagation, the on-board Gainspan Wi-Fi module eliminates the hassle of going through FCC certification – easy, and fast.

“We are seeing strong interest from customers to add low power Wi-Fi connectivity to existing and new designs, in diverse applications such as home portable medical devices, smart grid, consumer appliances, building control and condition based monitoring ” said Aiden Mitchell, director of the Industrial and Multi-market microcontrollers at Freescale. “Now, system developers can rapidly evaluate, prototype and develop a web-enabled device by combining available Freescale microcontroller Tower System modules with the Wi-Fi module from GainSpan.”

About the Freescale Tower System

The Tower System provides a customizable, modular embedded design environment that helps developers quickly evaluate and prototype their applications. As they require more functionality and design capabilities, developers can easily add more modules that suit their design needs.

The new Wi-Fi Tower System module offers seamless integration with Freescale’s MQX™ software solution. With this module, developers can easily add Wi-Fi connectivity and run sample applications using the kit in less than few hours. Customers can select a Tower System controller module, like the TWR-MCF5225X connectivity module, and pair it with the new Wi-Fi Tower System module to run the full Wi-Fi stack. The GS1011M on-board module from GainSpan connects to the Freescale MCU through UART or SPI interfaces.

“The next wave of Wi-Fi applications will be driven by the integration of Wi-Fi into embedded systems – applications like smart home appliances, thermostats and in-home displays of energy consumption, security and access control systems, medical devices such as remote patient monitors, among many others,” said Greg Winner, CEO of GainSpan. “The Wi-Fi Tower System module is targeted at the specific needs of the embedded market for ease of integration, low-power consumption, fast-wakeup and low-cost.”

The new peripheral module is expected to be available from Freescale in the second half of 2010. The GS1011M is available from GainSpan now.

About GainSpan

GainSpan is a leading fabless semiconductor company focused on connecting things wirelessly to the Internet. GainSpan’s low power embedded Wi-Fi allows devices to leverage the large base of Wi-Fi access points and gain Internet connectivity. Solutions from GainSpan simplify and accelerate the process of adding Wi-Fi to devices by offloading Wi-Fi and IP functionality from any 8-32 bits microcontroller. GainSpan embedded Wi-Fi is used in applications including healthcare, smart energy and control and monitoring for industrial, commercial and home markets. The Company is based in San Jose, CA, and has R&D facilities in Bangalore, India.