GrammaTech at embedded world 2016: Hall 4, booth 658 - Automated Code Analysis Tool CodeSonar(r) v4.2 and special Embedded, M2M and IoT Services

Automated Code Analysis Tool CodeSonar(r) v4.2 and special Embedded, M2M and IoT Services

At embedded world exhibition 2016 GrammaTech, a leading research center for cyber-security solutions, will present the newest version 4.2 of its flagship product CodeSonar®, the most powerful source code analysis system available today: hall4 / booth 658. Innovations in CodeSonar 4.2 include:

Binary support for x64 and ARM - GrammaTech has a unique position as the only commercial static analysis tool with binary code analysis is strengthened by extending platform compatibility to the ARM microprocessor family (now supporting x86 32-bit and 64-bit and ARM).

Mixed-mode System Analysis Support - GrammaTech has a unique position by offering comprehensive software analysis for systems, analyzing in-house proprietary source, open source and used binaries (drivers, 3rd-party libraries, middleware).

Enhanced enterprise support with role-based access control.

Also, GrammaTech offers special Embedded, M2M and IoT Services aiming to help software teams transform their development capabilities needs in support of M2M and IoT):

• Coaching and Training Services - GrammaTech has a unique position, having several software assurance and hardening experts who can help team accelerate needed skills for design, implementation and validation of today’s highly connected IoT device software

• 3rd-party Audit Services - GrammaTech can help teams internally audit their code, looking for independent verification and audit

• Design Services - GrammaTech will provide support to organization looking to improve application designs for enhanced safety and/or security

Additionally, GrammaTech will hold a speech at the Embedded World Congress, and a presentation at the Exhibitors Forum at the fair ground.