Green Hills Software Supports Texas Instruments Power-Efficient OMAP-L137 Processor

Embedded Software Leader Supplies Proven and Certified RTOS and Tools

SANTA BARBARA, CA — September 1, 2009 — Green Hills Software, Inc., the largest independent vendor of embedded software solutions, today announced the availability of its embedded software development solution for the Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) OMAP-L137 low-power applications processor based on the ARM926EJ-S core. Green Hills Software’s ARM®-optimized solution includes the INTEGRITY® real-time operating system (RTOS), MULTI® integrated development environment (IDE), optimizing C/C++ compilers, and Green Hills Probe. Green Hills Software brings more than 27 years of experience in the embedded market to TI’s OMAP-L137 processor, enabling developers to create and deploy reliable, high-performance products for industrial control, networking, transportation, medical, and a wide variety of other embedded applications in the least amount of time and at the lowest cost.

“Green Hills Software is a leading independent embedded software solutions supplier, long-time member of TI’s developer network and provider of advanced technology for the OMAP™ processors,” said Kanika Carver, OMAP-L1x marketing manager, TI. “Green Hills Software’s tools and operating systems are a great fit for the reliability and performance-critical industrial, professional audio and networking applications at which the OMAP-L137 is targeted.”

INTEGRITY for the TI OMAP-L137 processor

The INTEGRITY RTOS’s unique and modern technology achieves unprecedented levels of security, safety, and availability for applications in industrial control, networking, transportation, medical, and other industries. The INTEGRITY RTOS is the foundation for Green Hills Software’s Platform for Medical Devices, providing automatically generated artifacts for FDA submissions, and for the Platform for Industrial Safety, with certification by TÜV to IEC 61508 at Safety Integrity Level 3 (SIL3). INTEGRITY is also the first and only operating system technology certified to EAL6+ High Robustness, the highest Common Criteria security level ever achieved by a software product. Only an EAL6+ High Robustness operating system is certified to protect high value resources at risk of attack from hostile and well-funded attackers. This is secure by anyone’s definition.

“We are pleased to support TI’s OMAP-L137 device,” commented Dan Mender, vice president of business development, Green Hills Software. “Modern embedded system designs place ambitious reliability, power-efficiency, and time-to-market demands on hardware and software designers. The combination of the INTEGRITY RTOS and the OMAP-L137 processor meet this challenge, freeing developers to focus on delivering differentiating applications.”

In addition to the INTEGRITY real-time operating system, the integrated Green Hills software development solution for the OMAP-L137 device consists of the following components:

• Comprehensive portfolio of embedded communications, file systems, and other middleware

• MULTI integrated development environment – providing the leading software development tool set for embedded software developers

• Green Hills Optimized C/C++ compilers – generating highest-performance and smallest-footprint code for the ARM Architecture

• Green Hills Probe – providing low-level control of the ARM core for device driver development, board bring-up, and system debugging

About the TI OMAP-L137 Processor

The OMAP-L137 is a low-power applications processor based on an ARM926EJ-S™ and a TMS320C674x fixed- and floating-point digital signal processor (DSP) with both cores running at 300MHz. The OMAP-L137 enables OEMs and ODMs to quickly bring to market devices featuring robust operating systems support, multiple connectivity options, rich user interfaces, and high processing performance. The OMAP-L137 integrates numerous peripherals, including Ethernet, I2C, SPI, audio, UART, and USB.

About Green Hills Software

Founded in 1982, Green Hills Software, Inc. is the largest independent vendor of embedded development solutions. In 2008, the Green Hills INTEGRITY RTOS technology was the first and only operating system to be certified by the NSA to EAL6+ High Robustness, the highest level of security ever achieved for any software product. Our open architecture integrated development solutions address deeply embedded, absolute security and high-reliability applications for the military/avionics, medical, industrial, automotive, networking, consumer and other markets that demand industry-certified solutions. Green Hills Software is headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA, with European headquarters in the United Kingdom. Visit Green Hills Software at

About the Texas Instruments Developer Network

Green Hills Software is a member of the TI Developer Network, a community of respected, well-established companies offering products and services based on TI analog and digital technology. The Network provides a broad range of end-equipment solutions, embedded software, engineering services and development tools that help customers accelerate innovation to make the world smarter, healthier, safer, greener and more fun.