GreenPeak Unveils New Office in Korea


3 February, 2009 – Utrecht – The Netherlands – GreenPeak today announced that it has broadened its Asia Pacific presence with the establishment of a representative office in Korea. Mr. SY Youm will head the new office and drive business development.

GreenPeak is a fabless semiconductor company offering innovative ultra low power wireless and battery-free data communication technologies for sense and control applications. It was recently selected as a 2009 Technology Pioneer by The World Economic Forum.

GreenPeak appointed SY Youm to the role of Director of Business Development. Mr. Youm has significant experience in the semiconductor industry in Korea. After establishing his technical background as a hardware developer, he has since spent nearly 20 years in sales, marketing, engineering and business development in the semiconductor industry.

Prior to his position at GreenPeak, Mr. Youm worked as Korea Country Sales Manager in low power radio data communication technology and was responsible for the sales, marketing and engineering.

GreenPeak’s VP of Business Development, Frans Frielink, says: “We have established the Korean office in response to the growing demand from customers and prospects within Korea. This decision is in line with our objective to be well positioned for growth in the Asia Pacific region, to better strengthen our business activities and, most importantly, to better serve our customers in Korea. Korea is one of the world’s most exciting markets and a major target growth area for GreenPeak. As Korean customers demand sophisticated solutions, having local expertise and resources will be a significant benefit to our valued Korean customers. We expect to continue to grow throughout the region and our new office is an important strategic step towards offering top quality service."

The GreenPeak office is located in Geonggi-do, Korea.

Contact details

Seung Young Youm, Director of Business Development Korea

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Fax : + 82-(0)2-6008-4052

GreenPeak is a fabless semiconductor company, and is a leader in battery-free communication technology for wireless sense and control applications. This revolutionary technology, based on the IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee wireless networking standard, utilizes energy harvesting to facilitate battery-free operation in a totally wireless environment, without the need for either communications or power connectivity.

GreenPeak was selected by the World Economic Forum as 2009 Technology Pioneer for its accomplishments as innovator of the highest caliber, involved in the development of life-changing technology innovation and with the potential for long-term impact on business and society.

GreenPeak is based in Utrecht - The Netherlands and has offices in Belgium, Japan and USA.

GreenPeak is backed by venture capitalists: DJF Esprit (UK), Gimv (Belgium), Motorola Ventures (USA) and Allegro Investment Fund (Belgium).

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