HCC Embedded Releases Dual IPv4/IPv6 Stack for Texas Instruments Hercules(tm) Microcontrollers

HCC demonstrates full Hercules IPv4/IPv6 stack with rigorous MISRA code-quality verification

Embedded World, Nürnberg, Germany – HCC Embedded, experts in securing embedded data, has released a full IPv4/IPv6 dual stack that is available for free evaluation download. The stack is designed with a focus on quality and data security and is available with a full MISRA-compliance code-quality report. When used in conjunction with TI’s Hercules™ automotive and industrial MCUs for functional safety applications, this stack provides engineers a high-performance networking solution that meets multiple quality and verification standards.

HCC’s IPv6 is part of a broad range of network solutions designed to ensure reliable and secure data communications. All components are developed using quality standards adopted from functional safety processes and are on a quality path to becoming fully verifiable. Network security is supported by high-quality IPSec and IKEv2 components that are also available with quality verification.

HCC’s networking solutions include a rigorously MISRA-compliant TCP/IPv4 and IPv6 networking stack, an embedded Encryption Manager, and IPSec/IKE and TLS/SSL software modules, all developed with rigorous MISRA adherence. Security and encryption modules are also supplied with 100 percent source-code and object-code coverage testing and full MC-DC analysis to deliver the highest levels of reliability. HCC’s Encryption Manager supports both software- and hardware-accelerated encryption algorithms such as AES256/SHA256. An extensive range of USB CDC classes provide tight integration of networking with HCC’s high-performance network stacks.

“TI is excited about the new TCP/IP stack from HCC Embedded and the capabilities that it will bring to developers,” said Roy Haley, Hercules Marketing Manager, Texas Instruments. “With the focus on quality and data security in this stack, developers working with our Hercules microcontrollers now have access to a high-performance networking solution with a vast range of protocols and support.”

Demo at Embedded World, Hall 4-104

Visit the HCC stand (Hall 4-104) at Embedded World to see the IPv4/IPv6 dual stack working on TI’s Hercules automotive and industrial MCUs for functional safety applications.

More information: www.hcc-embedded.com/embedded-systems-software-[...]

About HCC Embedded

HCC Embedded’s software solutions ensure that any data stored or communicated by an embedded IoT application is secure, safe, and reliable. With 15+ years deep understanding of flash, HCC secures data for customers in IoT, medical, transport, industrial, and aerospace markets. All software is developed using formal software processes, system-level knowledge, and recognized quality practices to ensure robustness and verifiable quality. HCC’s product portfolio includes communications products (USB, TCP/IPv4, IPv6, TLS/SSL, IPSec/IKE stacks) and storage products (file systems, media drivers, flash translation layers (FTL), smart-meter software, bootloaders), as well as encryption technology. Because all software is portable, target-independent, and can be dropped onto any RTOS, MCU, or tool-chain, any embedded system can be upgraded to be safer, more reliable, and more secure. www.hcc-embedded.com