Imagination’s processor, receiver and software technologies power award winning ‘connected’ radio

The licensable Connected Audio Platform powered by Imagination’s META and ENSIGMA IP cores enable the award winning PURE EVOKE Flow ‘connected’ radio.

25 November 2008: Imagination Technologies, a leader in system-on-chip Intellectual Property (SoC IP), reports that the licensable Connected Audio Platform powered by Imagination’s META and ENSIGMA IP cores enable the award winning PURE EVOKE Flow ‘connected’ radio.

PURE’s EVOKE Flow has won the ‘Radio Product of the Year 2008’ award in the Annual Awards from What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision, the UK’s leading audio-visual consumer entertainment magazine, as well as 11 other major awards since its launch 3 months ago.

The EVOKE Flow is the first consumer radio product in the market based on the ® operating system, creating a highly flexible radio platform that can benefit from the vast Linux developer community. The innovative META™ processor utilises its unique hardware multi-threading to enable separation of the real-time and non real-time tasks found in complex consumer electronics products, maximising system performance in all operating conditions. It also enables clean separation of the GNU Public License Linux environment from other proprietary software components running on separate processor threads within the one META core.

Imagination’s META and Linux based Connected Audio Platform is based on the GStreamer multimedia framework running on the Linux operating system, adapted by Imagination to facilitate the delivery of audio from almost any source. When combined with ENSIGMA™ UCC technology, digital or radio can also be added to the mix, as seen in the EVOKE Flow. The META Advanced Audio Framework (AAF) provides a wide range of audio codecs and post-processing effects.

Says Tony King-Smith, VP marketing: “This revolutionary platform is set to enable a new class of connected products that deliver a world of digital content to the user: one touch and it’s there!”

The advanced architecture based on META and ENSIGMA technologies underlying the PURE Evoke Flow enables the product’s software capabilities to be taken to a new level, reflecting PURE’s relentless innovation in digital radio which is unmatched in the industry.

Says What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision: “The EVOKE Flow could well be the product that brings Internet radio to the masses, such is its irresistible appeal.” EVOKE Flow has already won over a dozen awards in total from magazine’s in the UK and Europe.

All products from PURE, a division of Imagination Technologies, are enabled by META and ENSIGMA technologies. These technologies are also now used in the majority of DAB radios, and many ‘Internet’ radios, not just from PURE, but also brands including Bang & Olufsen, Bose, Philips, Roberts, Sony, TEAC and Tivoli.

About Imagination’s Connected Audio Platform and Advanced Audio Framework

Imagination’s META and Linux based Connected Audio Platform is a complete software solution for META processors that delivers audio from almost any source, including internet radio, flash memory devices, digital home music collections and, when combined with an ENSIGMA UCC Platform, digital or analogue radio.

The META based Advanced Audio Framework (AAF) is a collection of popular audio codecs and post-processing effects, highly tuned to run efficiently on META threads and presented in an easy-to-use framework using component-based stream construction. META AAF can run on a single META thread to provide a self-contained subsystem or be partitioned across multiple threads to optimize loading for complex systems. The META processor supports up to four processor threads, each individually configurable to run general purpose or DSP code.

These platforms are available for licensing from Imagination now.

About Imagination Technologies

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