Inforce Computing announces Inforce 6640, a Snapdragon 820 SBC, with display, camera, PoE, and HDMI input accessories

Inforce 6640 becomes a complete system with display, camera, PoE, and HDMI input accessories

As technology gets better, system requirements tend to be more complex. Even when quality of commercial devices increases every year, timelines and cost demands stay the same. Allocating the right resources to these projects while not sacrificing product requirements becomes tricky. Inforce 6640™ delivers a complete, product-ready solution for the most advanced and complex product requirements.

Adding support for peripherals like a touch display, a high-end camera, or Power over Ethernet becomes a pesky chore especially if you don’t have the expertise. This SBC, Inforce 6640™, becomes one of Inforce Computing’s most decorated boards with multiple standard, plug and play accessories. Drivers and tuning are taken care of so you can focus on what you care about most: your product.

Inforce 6640 is the computing industry’s first commercial single board computer based on Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 820. Inforce Computing enables you to recreate off-the-shelf system integrations with a 21MP MIPI-CSI camera, Power over Ethernet adapter card, MIPI touch display, and a HDMI input adapter board with more on the horizon. Inforce 6640 is supported by a strong software roadmap, pre-loaded with Android 6 with Android 7 offered on the Inforce TechWeb.

ACC-1H70, using the Sony® Exmor RS™ IMX230 camera sensor, is a 21 MP MIPI-CSI (41-pin) image sensor-based camera module adapter card for Snapdragon 820 based Inforce platforms. Sony IMX230 is the first CMOS sensor to feature image plane phase detection to better capture subjects in motion with high-speed autofocus for still images and video. ACC-1H70 delivers superior image quality and functionality including live HDR 4K video recording. At full resolution, the readout rate is 24fps, 4K@30fps and 1080p@60fps in normal and HDR modes. Inforce Computing can also support custom drivers and tuning if you had another camera sensor in mind.

Inforce Computing can support integrating DSI displays of your choice with touch for your embedded application. Handheld devices typically necessitate small high quality displays and Inforce can design appropriate conversions of display interfaces to create apt solutions. Our off-the-shelf display, ACC-1B30, is MIPI based, which is a standard for mobile, low power devices and works out-of-the-box with the Inforce 6640 SBC. The adapter card kit includes a 4-inch multi-touch display, the adapter card with MIPI-DSI interface connector, and 51-pin J508 cable.

As Internet of Things continue to grow, Power over Ethernet has gained popularity where power outlets aren’t conveniently placed. ACC-1S70, Power over Ethernet add-on card, can allow you to power your board through your Ethernet connection eliminating the need for a power outlet. This also acts as an isolated full duplex RS-485 transceiver for industrial applications.

Lastly, Inforce Computing is proud to announce its upcoming ultra HDMI input adapter card accessory, ACC-1S80. This UH2C/1080p camera adapter board uses Toshiba’s UHDMI to CSI conversion chip to receive the HDMI input and feeds CSI data into Inforce 6640 through two 41-pin connectors. No additional power supply is needed and the cables required are included. This module supports 1080p on a single CSI-2 4-lanes and 4K using dual CSI-2 8-lanes.

Inforce 6640 is backed by full Inforce Tech support, starting from free ticket support and access to our TechWeb to OEM support models with direct access to Inforce engineering.

You can buy Inforce 6640 on the Inforce online store for $295 which includes the SBC, acrylics, microUSB cable, and power adapter. Please contact or (510) 683-9999 for more information or OEM pricing.