Innovative Integration Delivers New SR25 PCI Card to Facilitate Stimulus-Response Testing

SR25 Features 3-Channel, 16-bit, 25MSPS, Analog and Digital Waveform Capture and Playback

Innovative Integration Delivers New SR25 PCI Card to Facilitate Stimulus-Response Testing
Innovative Integration Delivers New SR25 PCI Card to Facilitate Stimulus-Response Testing

Simi Valley, CA - March 23, 2007 – Facilitating stimulus-response applications, vibration, as well as ultrasonic measurement and audio characterization, Innovative Integration introduces the new SR25 PCI plug-in card based on the flexible 300 MHz floating point TMS320C6713 digital signal processor (DSP) from Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI). The card features two successive approximation register (SAR) 16-bit A/D channels, two SAR 16-bit D/A channels, 16 bits of LVTTL input, and 16 bits of digital LVTTL output all synchronously-sampled under the control of a precision, user programmable instruction sequencer implemented within the onboard FPGA. A precision, low-jitter time-base or external clock is used for sample rate generation. The SR25 supports sample rates from 1 kHz up to 25 MHz, with <1 kHz programmable resolution.

Triggering is controlled by a flexible Sequencer Engine embedded in the onboard FPGA. Up to 128 arbitrary, user-specified analog+digital waveform segments may be played while simultaneously acquiring analog+digital snapshots. Waveform and snapshot segments may consist of up to 65K samples in length, individually configurable. Segments may be repeated up to 65K times and multi-instruction looping constructs are supported. Sequences may be designed using the supplied turnkey Sequence Designer applet or via C++ classes in the supplied Host libraries.

The PCI interface provides continuous data rates up to 200 MB/s between the target TI C6713 DSP and host bus-master memory. A flexible data packet system implemented over the PCI interface provides high data transfer rates and is readily expandable for custom applications.

The Malibu software toolset, provided with the SR25, includes host libraries, practical utilities and numerous example programs that illustrate the use of the board to develop and execute custom sequences and exercise all on-board peripherals. The toolset includes a graphical sequence designer suitable for creation of waveform playback and capture sequences of any length. Waveform data may be imported from MATLAB m-files, Windows INI files or raw binary files. C/C++ libraries for Microsoft Visual Studio C/C++ .NET (2003 or greater) and Borland (Code Gear) Developers Studio 2006 support loading and execution of sequences designed with the Graphical designer, or generated using custom C/C++ code within user application programs. Captured data may be analyzed using the supplied Binview binary data viewer applet or imported into MATLAB.

Applications include Stimulus-Response Testing, Vibration Measurement, Audio and Ultrasonic Testing. The SR25 quantity one price is $2,195.00

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