Innovative Integration announces it's New SBC-ComEx. An Embedded PC with dual XMC expansion sites.

A Stand Alone, Dual XMC slot, intelligent carrier card combining an industry-standard COM Express CPU module & dual XMC modules to create the ultimate-performance embedded computer.

Simi Valley, CA - May 2, 2008 — The SBC-ComEx is a user-customizable, turnkey embedded instrument/micro-footprint Windows/Linux PC that supports a wide assortment of ultimate-performance XMC modules. With its modular I/O, scalable performance, and ubiquitous PC architecture, the SBC COMEX reduces time-to-market while providing engineers with exceptional computational capabilities.

Primary features include:

- Distributed Data Acquisition - Put the SBC-ComEx near analog data sources to reduce system errors and wiring complexity. Onboard GPS-synchronized timing, triggering and sample control facilitates limitless, planet-wide I/O expansion.

- Uniquely customizable - Dual XMC sites for I/O, each with user-programmable FPGAs for custom signal processing, triggering and timing control.

- Remote or Local Operation - Continuous data streaming to disk arrays at 500MB/s or via 10m cabled-PCIe LANs at 250 MB/s or via wide-area ethernet networks at 1 Gb/s.

- Rugged - Runs diskless from FLASH drive in a compact, rugged 250x170mm footprint that is ideal for embedded applications.

- 12V DC-Only Operation - Perfect for portable or automotive data loggers or waveform generators.

- Runs Windows or Linux applications. Compatible with the huge body of existing PC applications and user-code.

The SBC-ComEx single board is an ideal choice for embedded control, remote data acquisition, industrial test & measurement, and OEM instrumentation. “The SBC-ComEx provides a turnkey solution to developers of wireless communications and real-time IF signal processing applications.”, announced Jim Henderson, President of Innovative Integration. “By combining Innovative IP cores to perform functions such as down-conversion, demodulation and decoding within a high-performance PC in such a small form-factor, developers are now able to implement real-time instrumentation in portable equipment while mitigating cost, footprint and engineering effort. “

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