I/O-rich PICMG 1.3-style SHB features Twin Intel(r) Nehalem/Westmere Processors and Full PCI-X 64-bit Support

High performance motherboard for intense computing applications


NORTH ANDOVER, MA, July 6, 2010: WIN Enterprises, Inc., a leading designer and manufacturer of embedded platforms for OEMs, announces the MB-80100, a PICMG 1.3-style SHB that supports twin multicore Intel Nehalem and Westmere processors. MB-80100 features the Intel LGA 1366 processor socket that enables CPU scalability across the Nehalem and Westmere multicore processor families.

The MB-80100 features the Intel® 5520 Chipset, FireWire, an LSI 1068E RAID chip and PCI-X. Unlike other PICMG 1.3 boards, the MB-80100 provides up to 20 lanes of full 64-bit PCI-Express support providing unsurpassed I/O in applications that include military, scientific, medical, seismic, meteorology, and others.

Intel Nehalem and Westmere processors exploit advances of Intel® in 32 and 45 nm hafnium-based hi-k metal gate transistors and related manufacturing technologies. The integrated memory controller of these processors enables energy-efficient parallel processing performance. MB-80100 supports dual- and quad-core Nehalem, and quad- and six-core Westmere processors. The 32 nm Westmere processor family is expected to grow to 8 and 12-core versions. These processors will be supported by MB-80100 as they become available.


• Supports 32- and 64-bit high-performance computing with twin Intel Nehalem and Westmere Xeon multi-core processors

• 2x LGA 1366 processor sockets (TDP 80W per CPU max)

• Supports up to 20 Lanes of PCI-Express Gen 2.0

• Supports MXM-II interface

• Supports Custom MXM-II Pass-Through Card to bridge x16 lanes

• Features 6 Non-ECC or ECC Registered DDR3 240 pin slots for Triple Channel Memory to each processor

• Individual Power planes for CPU and Memory

• Semi-custom pin-out supports the full range of PCI-Express on WIN Enterprises custom backplanes: 33/66/100/133MHz at both 32-bit and 64-bit rates

• Dual 1GbE LANs

• FireWire support through custom card

• HD Audio Bus Header provided for custom HD Audio output card

Software Support

Windows 7 32/64 bit, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista 32/64-bit, Windows XP 32/64-bit.


Evaluation units will be available by mid-August of 2010. For additional information visit the MB-80100 webpage at www.win-ent.com/index.php?option=com_content&vi[...]:mb-80100&catid=83:high-performance-shb&Itemid=368 or contact sales@win-ent.com.

About WIN Enterprises, Inc.

WIN Enterprises is a product development company that designs and manufactures customized x86-based embedded motherboards and appliances. Founded in 1991, WIN Enterprises has developed several reference designs for leading microprocessor companies. It produces customized set-top boxes, rack-mounted appliances, and other embedded computing products for electronic OEMs worldwide.

WIN Enterprises has facilities in the United States, Taiwan, China, and India. WIN provides integrated services, including design, manufacturing, testing, and fulfillment. For more information, contact WIN Enterprises at +1 (978) 688-2000 or e-mail sales@win-ent.com.