IoT Networking Co Sensity Systems Announces $36M Funding Round (now $74M total) -- Developer of "Light Sensory Networks" for Smart City, Industrial IoT, and related applications

Sensity Systems Announces Strategic Investment by Acuity Brands, Cisco Investments, GE Ventures and Simon Property Group. Funding From Lighting, Networking and Retail Real Estate Leaders Will Support Global Deployment of Light Sensory Networks for Advanced IoT Applications

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – Sensity Systems Inc., the pioneer of Light Sensory Networks (LSNs), has closed a private funding round of $36 million led by Cisco Investments and includes industry leaders Acuity Brands, GE Ventures and Simon Venture Group (corporate investment arm of Simon Property Group). Sensity has now raised a total of $74 million since its inception from venture investors Almaz Capital, Mohr Davidow Ventures, Radar Partners and Silver Creek Ventures, in addition to these four industry-leading lighting, networking and retail organizations. The investment will be used to scale Sensity’s NetSense platform and application developer program globally.

“This strategic investment—from worldwide leaders in the Internet of Everything (IoE), LED lighting and retail—further validates Sensity’s LSN as the premier technology for delivering real world applications and data on a global scale,” said Hugh Martin, chairman and CEO of Sensity.

Sensity is the first company to assemble all the relevant technology expertise, process integration know-how and partnerships required to build this new category: Light Sensory Networks. Light Sensory Networks leverage lighting infrastructure by embedding sensors, wireless connectivity, and data analytics into luminaires to collect and transmit data and enable cloud-based applications and services for smart city, smart parking, retail services, security and public safety, environmental monitoring and other initiatives.

Martin added, “The true role of technology is to better the lives of people on our planet. In order to effect change for people on a broad scale, you must have a way to measure what is occurring in the physical world and analyze it in real-time. No one company can deliver all the components required on a global scale to realize this vision. Sensity created a platform for world leading companies to converge and deliver on this promise, allowing them to transform from hardware-centric manufacturers into wide ranging technology, services and information providers.”

Sensity will use the new funding to expand its cloud-based NetSense LSN platform and IoT applications ecosystem to enable development of value-added applications that allow customers to optimize operations, enhance security, and reduce energy usage by leveraging data and analytics generated by the industrial Internet of Things. Funding will also be used to support rapidly growing sales with our partners for LSN installations worldwide.

About Sensity Systems

Sensity Systems uses energy-efficient LED lighting as the foundation for a high-speed, sensor-based Light Sensory Network (LSN). The company enables light owners to capitalize on the LED conversion process by embedding networking technology within both retrofit and new LED luminaires. With Sensity’s open, privacy-by-design, multiservice NetSense platform, lighting owners are able to reduce energy costs and implement a variety of applications and services, including public safety, environmental and weather monitoring, parking management and location analytics. For more information, please visit