Lauterbach Leads The Way on ARMv8 Development Tools

Lauterbach, a leading manufacturer of microprocessor development tools, has announced that it’s acclaimed TRACE32® debuggers now support the ARMv8 architecture.

The ARMv8 architecture is the first ARM architecture that includes 64-bit execution, allowing processors to combine 64-bit execution with 32-bit execution. One of the key focuses in developing this version of the ARM instruction set was to bring the energy-efficient heritage of ARM processor technology to 64-bit computing and to make a larger virtual address space available. The ARMv8 architecture introduces a new concept regarding exceptions and the handling of those.

"The ARMv8 architecture is a very exciting development for our industry," said Barry Lock, UK Manager of Lauterbach. "This is regarded as the largest architecture change in ARM’s history. We very much expect it to further expand ARM's presence in the marketplace in addition to helping existing ARM customers develop their next generation products."

The ARMv8 Embedded Trace MacrocellTM (ETMv4) provides non-intrusive program-flow trace and data trace capabilities for any of the ARMv8 architecture-based processors for full visibility into the processor’s instruction flow and enables profiling analysis. The TRACE32® tools further support the CoreSightTM technology for the ARMv8 architecture.

It extends the debug and trace capability to cover the entire system-on-chip including multiple ARM processors and DSPs. Switching between 64-bit and 32-bit execution mode is smoothly handled by TRACE32 to provide reliable debug support for complex applications. TRACE32 offers full OS-aware support for all popular operating systems running on asymmetric multiprocessing (AMP) or symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems.

“Our debug support for the ARMv8 really does demonstrate Lauterbach’s lead on technology,” said Barry Lock. “No ARMv8 silicon is expected this year, but our tools are ready for when engineers gain access to this silicon and need to undertake serious software development.”

German based Lauterbach had a turnover in excess of $90 million worldwide during 2010 and has seen its customer base grow year on year. Recognised for both engineering excellence and exceptional technical support, Lauterbach tools have become a favourite with many hi-tech engineers. Lauterbach tools support all the major families of embedded processor cores, covering products from 75 silicon companies. The quality and capability of these tools enable engineering teams to develop robust code whilst minimising development time lost to debugging.

About Lauterbach

Lauterbach is the world’s largest producer of hardware-assisted debug tools. Its engineering team has more than 30 years of experience in making world-class debuggers and emulators. The company attaches great importance to very high technical standards and only the latest development methods are used. This sound technical know-how has a high priority in the sales, support and training departments contributing to the technical expertise that is highly regarded by their customers across the world.