Lauterbach to Present At Bristol (UK) Software Testing Conference

Lauterbach has announced that it will be exhibiting and presenting at Intelligent Testing™, a half-day conference taking place in Bristol on the 17th October 2013.

Intelligent Testing™ will focus on improving the effectiveness and efficiency of software testing and is hoping to provide a much-needed forum for the software testing community in the South West.

At this event, a mix of industry speakers will be discussing a range of techniques to improve software quality and reduce time-to-market such as using and proving assertions, adopting “shift left” techniques and introducing static analysis prior to dynamic testing.

“As software has become more complex and our expectations of the capability and reliability of software have grown, specialist tools have become a necessity,” said Barry Lock, UK Manager of Lauterbach. “Debug tools and software testing solutions have become essential investments, helping engineers to accelerate product development whilst minimising the risk and costs of product failure.”

German based Lauterbach had a turnover in excess of $95m in 2012 with continued growth into 2013, and has seen its customer base grow year on year. Recognised for both engineering excellence and exceptional technical support, Lauterbach tools have become a favourite with many hi-tech engineers. Lauterbach tools support all the major families of embedded processor cores, covering products from 75 silicon companies. The quality and capability of these tools enable engineering teams to develop robust code whilst minimising development time lost to debugging.

“We are very pleased to be invited to speak at this event,” said Barry. “There is a lot of technology in the South West, so we expect this event to be lively and productive for all concerned.”

Dot Graham, an entertaining and distinguished speaker, will provide the keynote address at this event. Dot Graham holds the European Excellence Award in Software Testing, has co-authored four books on software testing and brings a vast experience in test automation to the conference.

Lauterbach has recently announced the development of a new all-in-one debug and trace solution for the ARM Cortex™-M processor family.

About Lauterbach

Lauterbach is the world’s largest producer of hardware-assisted debug tools. Its engineering team has more than 30 years of experience in making world-class debuggers and emulators. The company attaches great importance to very high technical standards and only the latest development methods are used. This sound technical know-how has a high priority in the sales, support and training departments contributing to the technical expertise that is highly regarded by their customers across the world.

Lauterbach Contact:

Barry Lock, UK Manager

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Tel: +44 (0)1256 333 690