Lauterbach Debug Tools Support Beyond Semiconductors Royalty-Free 32-bit Processors

World leading software development tools company, Lauterbach, has announced support for a number of new microprocessors including the Beyond BA22™ Family of microprocessor cores.

The Beyond BA22 family is a fast, compact, power-saving implementation of a modern 32-bit RISC architecture. Lauterbach’s TRACE32 tools provide quick, effective BA22 processor debugging through a standard JTAG interface for the entire debug process, including code download, flash programming and source code debugging.

"Customers are building increasingly complex applications around our BA22 processors, and need more advanced software debug tools with operating system awareness. We're excited that they can now choose proven Lauterbach TRACE32 tools to shorten their software development cycle, even to debugging multiprocessor/ multicore systems with mixed Beyond and 3rd party CPU cores", said Matjaz Breskvar, chief executive officer of Beyond Semiconductor.

German based Lauterbach had a turnover in excess of $90 million worldwide during 2011 and has seen its customer base grow year on year. Recognised for both engineering excellence and exceptional technical support, Lauterbach tools have become a favourite with many hi-tech engineers. Lauterbach tools support more than 3500 microprocessors and all known ARM Cores, covering products from over 75 silicon companies. The quality and capability of these tools enables engineering teams to develop robust code whilst minimising development time lost to debugging.

“"With TRACE32, the growing number of developers using BA22 now have access to a full range of debug functionality, from bootstrap code to interrupt routines and drivers," said Norbert Weiss, International Sales and Marketing Manager at Lauterbach. “Lauterbach is committed to continue bringing additional features and future extensions to customers using Beyond Semiconductor BA22 family of processors.”

Lauterbach’s tools can be connected to either Windows or Linux hosts via USB 2.0 or Ethernet 10/100/1000 ports. The included TRACE32 PowerView software provides an efficient and user-friendly high-level language (HLL) debugger for C and C++, as well as Linux operating system awareness.

The Beyond BA22™ configurable processor IP family extends from deeply embedded CPUs ideal for demanding, ultra-low-power SoC designs, up to high-performance application processor cores running operating systems such as Linux. High performance/power and performance/area efficiencies coupled with this configurability make the BA22 an excellent replacement for 8-bit 8051 CPUs while also providing a competitive long-term upgrade path for system designers.

Lauterbach have also announced support for the Cavium OCTEON® III Multicore MIPS64® Processor Family and the XMC4000 microcontroller family of Infineon Technologies.

About Lauterbach

Lauterbach is the world’s largest producer of hardware-assisted debug tools. Its engineering team has more than 30 years of experience in making world-class debuggers and emulators. The company attaches great importance to very high technical standards and only the latest development methods are used. This sound technical know-how has a high priority in the sales, support and training departments contributing to the technical expertise that is highly regarded by their customers across the world.