Macraigor Systems, Eclipse Foundation Member, Provides Eclipse Integration for GNU Embedded Development and Debugging Toolset on Linux Hosts

Engineers can employ free GNU toolset using Eclipse Platform for greater productivity in building embedded systems

SAN JOSE, CA, Embedded Systems Conference–April 15, 2008–Macraigor Systems today announced the immediate availability of a free Eclipse-compliant embedded debugging solution with sample Eclipse projects that run on many standard evaluation boards for hosting on the Linux platform. This provides embedded systems engineers with an integrated platform for developing and debugging embedded systems using the widely supported Eclipse platform.

Macraigor Systems is a member of the Eclipse Foundation as an Add-In Provider. In this role, Macraigor works with Eclipse projects, particularly the C/C++ Developer Toolkit, to ensure that embedded development and debugging tools play a significant role in the advancement of the Eclipse platform.

The Eclipse platform provides embedded developers with an integrated platform for building and debugging systems and software. This platform enables different tools to share a common look and feel while providing accessibility within the same framework. It is also possible to customize the environment with a unique tool profile, depending on the type of embedded development being done. Engineers can also add other tools to the Eclipse environment to fill out a customized development platform for greater productivity.

The Macraigor Eclipse + GNU Tools Suite is an implementation that packages Eclipse 3.2.1, several of the open source GNU tools and utilities, and a program called OCDRemote, which provides an interface between Eclipse, the GDB debugger and a Macraigor On-Chip debug device. The GNU tools provided by Macraigor Systems include binutils, gcc, gdb and gdbtui.

In addition to the freely available GNU toolset, users can run the following Macraigor software tools from Eclipse's External Tools menu:

• usbDemon Finder – This tool finds all the Macraigor USB devices currently connected to the host and lets the user flash each device's LED and program license codes for additional Macraigor software tools into a Macraigor USB JTAG device.

• Scan Chain Analyzer – This tool determines if the JTAG scan chain is working, what devices are on it and what order they are in.

• OCD Commander – This is an assembly language-level debugger with a built-in assembler/disassember, s19/elf/hex image loader and macro file parser.

• DCCTerminal – This ARM7/ARM9 Debug Communications Channel provides virtual terminal debug capabilities.

“Eclipse is rapidly becoming the development environment of choice for building and debugging embedded systems,” said Craig Haller, chief engineer of Macraigor Systems LLC. “By incorporating the free GNU development and debugging toolset into Eclipse, we are making it possible for embedded systems engineers to use the tools they are familiar with on a platform that improves their productivity.”

Macraigor distributes versions of the Macraigor Eclipse + GNU Tools Suite for the following processors:

• AMD Geode


• MIPS (32 and 64 bit)

• PowerPC

• Xscale.

Pricing & Availability

The free Macraigor Eclipse + GNU Tools Suite downloads for the i386, PowerPC, MIPS32/64, ARM7/9/11 and Intel XScale-core processors are immediately available at

About Macraigor Systems

Macraigor Systems, LLC is a leading supplier of JTAG connection devices for on-chip debugging. Their reputation in the embedded industry has been built on the OCDemon product technology which provides a low-cost, full-featured connection from a PC to the on-chip debug facilities of 32 and 64-bit processors, providing host support for Windows and Linux and systems.

Macraigor Systems also provides Flash Programming software that allows in-circuit programming of target Flash EEPROM memory devices via a JTAG connection. The Flash Programmer works with a wide variety of the most popular Flash devices currently on the market. For more information about Macraigor Systems products, please visit


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